Sunday, October 20, 2013

CD Review: The Sixxis Breathe New Life Into Progressive Hard Rock

From Atlanta, GA comes The Sixxis, one of the most exciting new progressive bands of hard rock. The band received some positive buzz in their opening slot on The Whinery Dogs most recent European tour and their latest album has been catching fire worldwide. The self-titled album was released with an eight-song CD and DVD showing the band's outstanding live output.
Their sound on the five studio tracks sound like the resurrection of King's X with an edgy, but very contagious sound. Their song "I Wanted More" has the perfect formula for mainstream success, while the heavy metal sound of "Believe (Russian)" showcases a band on the verge of stardom. The three live songs ("Nowhere Close," "Home Again" and "Farewell To Everything") appear as the last three songs on the CD and also in video form on the DVD. While the songs are performed live, there is no audience for the band to interact with, which would have made the DVD a little more exciting, but the songs still have that great, fresh hard rock/progressive sound.
The Sixxis still have about a dozen more dates for them opening for The Whinery Dogs as the tour makes its way to New England. For more information on this indie-rock band, please visit their Facebook page

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