Saturday, October 12, 2013

CD Review: System 7 And ROVO Prepare For The "Phoenix Rising"

One of the most anticipated progressive rock albums of the year was released on October 8th. It features guitar legend Steve Hilliage's band, System 7 collaborating with Japanese jam band ROVO to create some of the most unique, but technically exciting music. The new album entitled "Phoenix Rising" came together after the two bands toured Japan together in 2011.
The seven-song studio album begins with a new recording of System 7's live staple "Hinotori." The song is also the first single from the album and features some amazing live drum work interwoven with techno beats as guitarists Steve Hillage and Seiichi Yamamoto feed off each other's talents. The atmosphere turns more electronic on the club beats of "Love For The Phoenix" and "Unbroken." The two bands combine forces for an exceptional cover version of the Mahavishnu Orchestra song "Meeting Of The Spirits," then let their imaginations fly on the heavy progressive experimentation of the ROVO song "Cisco." The album closes with Hillage's partner Miquette Giraudy taking the lead on the calming, ambient sounds of "Unseen Onseen."
The two bands are joining forces once again performing songs from this album for two shows in London taking place in March 2014. For more information on this release, please visit

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