Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Review: The History Of Metallica Gets Told Through Pictures In The Latest Book From Voyageur Press

Well, Voyageur Press has done it again! Their latest book covers one of the most iconic bands in music history. "Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History" is a must have for fans as this book contains over 300 images, including photos, concert shirts, posters, backstage passes and a whole lot more. Author Martin Popoff is a heavy metal journalist that's very familiar with the band and their crazy history. He does a wonderful job filling in the gaps of the band's history that fans may not know.
The beginning of the book starts in 1981 with Lars Ulrich searching for a band of brothers to share in his love for "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" music. Once James Hetfield walks into his life, everything changes and Popoff does a masterful job putting you in the middle of every turning point in the band's history. From the removal of Dave Mustaine from the band to the tragic death of Cliff Burton, this book has it all. Each of the band's nine studio albums get an in depth look, even the misguided "Lulu" gets some love and just might have you looking differently at some of Metallica's most well-known songs.
The book also cover immensely the many tours that Metallica have gone on as opening band and as headliners. You also learn about the tightness of the band that got them to become the biggest band in the world and also almost led to their demise.
Martin Popoff gets help from almost a dozen contributors, including Neil Daniels, author of "Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast" and Richard Bienstock, senior editor of "Guitar World" magazine. What I keep going back to are the wonderful pictures and posters that show the growth of the band in popularity and in maturity.
"Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History" is almost 200 pages full everything a fan could want and need. To find out more about this latest amazing book, please visit

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