Monday, November 11, 2013

CD Review: Amanda Bloom Combines Musical Genres To Rewrite "History"

Australian singer/songwriter/pianist Amanda Bloom is set out to combine two of her favorite musical genres into one on her debut album "The History of Things to Come." The album was self-released September and also produced by Bloom herself.
She does a masterful job combining the intensity of hard rock with the elegance of classical music on the opening song "Rosetta." She begins to bring up similarities to Evanescence and truly embraces her classical side on "Magdalane," incorporating aspects of pop into her sound. The slow-build up of the piano driven "Fallacy" has her being compared to Alanis Morrisette, while the eight-minute title song takes you on a journey between the strings of classical music and the progressive rock drumming. The solo showcases Bloom's talents on the piano, as well as her songwriting. She really brings in the rock aggression on "Leave Me Lightly," before closing the album with a couple of wonderful instrumental pieces.
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