Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CD Review: New Music From Independent Singer/Songwriters Julian Temple And Sean Wagner

New Zealand singer/songwriter Julian Temple recently released his latest album with The Julian Temple Band which became a "top ten" hit in his home country. The band's fourth album, "Upsidedownbackwards" is finally making its way to America after being released back in July.
The album is very roots based with acoustics and storied lyrics as found in the "Dark Bar." The album does carry some dark vibes as in the wonderful musicianship of "Ghosts," but finds redemption in the light, aerie sound of "Bottle of God." Julian Temple showcases some wonderful harmonizing in "Fate" and gets a little funky with "Create A Desolation." The album closes with the self-look of "Devil On The Other" and the perfect match of acoustics and vocals in the redemption of "Sleep."
The Julian Temple Band are finishing out the year with a load of gigs out in California where Julian can also work on his other passion, surfing. To find out more about the new album "Upsidedownbackwards," please visit

From Portland, OR we get the ten-piece band Sean Wagner & The Ne'er Do Wells with their latest release "Word Came With The Evening." The album is a rebirth for Sean Wagner after the difficult end of a relationship and an unsatisfying job. He traveled to New Zealand to find himself and in turn created some new Americana, pop-friendly music.
The album starts off with the warm, inviting sound of "Hawthorne" as the upbeat tempo works so well with the lyrics and chorus that makes it so unforgettable. The real fun is in "Not Yet" with its build-up horn section and shouts of "hey" that can get everybody singing along. Sean's songs are so infectious that you can't help get wrapped up in, especially "Hard To Find" and the groove of "Never Be Enough." The mellow sway of "Cascadia (Wash Us Away)" and upbeat tempo of "So Together" shows the diversity in Sean's music on this latest release.
Sean Wagner & The Ne'er Do Wells have a couple of shows left on their calendar in the Portland, OR area. To find out more about the new album "Word Came With The Evening," please visit

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