Saturday, November 30, 2013

CD Review: New Music From Some Underground East Coast Musicians

If you're looking for a little change of pace from the overproduced music on the radio, then I have a few independent releases for you to check out. First, from New York comes the Irish singer/songwriter John Gribbin, better known by his stage name Building Pictures, with his latest release "West Orchard." It is his first full-length album and was released on November 12th.

Starting off with the slow moving "Answer For You" he invites you into his wonderful world of words and music. The album's first single "In Her Veins" is a big breakthrough to his sound by adding a swooping chorus and with unforgettable lyrics to create a great piece of music. Building Pictures' album is hard to resist with the mellow pace of "It's Slow Down" and the edgier, Ryan Adams-sounding "Praying For Sins." Another potential single is the pop/folk sound of "Water And Sand," before softening his tone on storied lyrics of "The Boy." The album closes with the build-up of the folk/rock feel of "Green Light."

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Next is Connecticut's own independent singer/songwriter/guitarist Cameron Sutphin. His latest release "My Guitar And Me" is an hour of acoustic folk music that is just enjoyable to put on a relax to.

The album was written, recorded, performed and produced entirely by Sutphin. While the recording sounds a bit raw, it shows determination and a passion in his performance of "Lord What Have I Done" and "Single Mother." His talent for songwriting shines in "Baby, Tangled Up In Blue" and "Dust To Dust." He brings in a Neil Young tone when he uses the harmonica as in "This Guitar" and on "Lord Tell Me Why." With just a little more production, his songs could have a little warmer and fuller sound and have a wider appeal.

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Last up is experimental musician, Fertanish, who recently released his third album in the last two years. This latest piece of music entitled “Mesh Bloom Iconstar” is almost an hour’s worth of soundscapes and musical collages that sway between classic progressive rock and meditation.

The album begins with the song, “Sential” that becomes confusing at times with the voice overs, but also draws a closes comparison to classic experimentation done by Genesis. The simple aspects of “Wish” continues to find its way through a crowded tones, before Fertanish heads into the thirteen minute Pink Floydian adventure of “Mind The Veins.” The album shows glimpses of direction with “I Am Also A Fire” and “Case of Me,” before closing with the ten-minute drag of “Slower.”

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