Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CD Review: New Smooth Indie-Jazz From Groovchasers And The Erik Lamberth Quartet

From across the pond comes the independent U.K. jazz band the Groovechasers with their latest album "Back On The Right Track." Having been around for 13 years, the Groovechasers have notched out a fan base in South East England and has made several appearances at the annual Maidstone Jazz Festival.

Their latest eight song release has them expanding their sound all over the place, beginning with the classic jazz sound of the forties and fifties on "Almost Straight Ahead." They move in a more modern jazz direction with a little bounce to their sound with the "Africa Boogie." They slow down for the eight-minute "Back Alley Blues," before adding some Latin flair to the nine-minute, Santana-like "Groove Samba." The album closes with the bebop pep of "Song For Habib."

To find out more about this talented jazz band from England, please visit groovechasers.co.uk.

For something a little closer to home, we have the smooth Jazz of Philadelphia's Erik Lamberth Jazz Quartet. After releasing a number of jazz and blues guitar based instrumental albums, producer Cyrus Rhodes (Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr.) decided to bring in other musicians and turn Erik's music into a Jazz Quartet.

The fourteen song release entitled "Opportunity" has that classic, laid back, jazz lounge sound as heard in the opening track "Light Sea." The band stick pretty close to this formula as Erik lends his guitar to a cover of Wes Montgomery's "West Coast Blues," before opening up their sound with the more upbeat sound of "The Party." The band turn in a more modern direction on "The Walk," before adding a little Texas guitar on "SRV Jazz." The album closes with the classic jazz appeal of "Straight Ahead" and the quickness of "Double Time."

To find out more about the Erik Lamberth Jazz Quartet, please visit eriklamberth.com.

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