Sunday, November 10, 2013

CD Review: One Of The Last "Public" Appearances By Flash Gets A Release

The band Flash came and went in a "flash." The band consisted of the newly departed Yes guitarist Peter Banks and vocalist Colin Carter, along with bassist Ray Bennett and drummer Mike Hough. The band released three albums in two years and had a minor hit in 1972 with "Small Beginnings." After disbanding in 1973 due to Banks' relationship with the rest of the band, the performers decided to go their separate ways until rejoining in 2010 without Banks and Hough.
Flash released a new album this year with a new-lineup, but Peter Banks (before his death in March) worked with George Mizer to produce the new Flash live album "In Public." It features the original line-up performing live at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City in January 1973. The recording comes straight from the soundboard with no overdubs. As stated in the liner notes, Flash were late to the performance because of a hugh snowstorm and did not perform a soundcheck prior to the show. So what you get on this recording is a band in its true raw form onstage as they turn the songs "Black And White" and "There No More" into intense jam sessions.
The disc starts out with a stretched out version of their hit single "Small Beginnings" as you can hear the band getting warmed up for a wonderful night of music. They quickly make their way through the four-minute "drum solo" entitled "Stop That Banging," before finishing the show with the outstanding progressive rock masterpiece "Dreams Of Heaven," which features some of Peter Bank's best work as it makes it way to the 25-minute mark.
While the original Flash line-up did not last for very long, they created some great pieces of rock music that has surely influenced some of today's progressive rock bands. The album "Flash featuring Peter Banks: In Public" was released on October 29 through AdequatEsounds. To find out more about this great live album, please visit

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