Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CD Review: A Perfect Circle Come Around "Three Sixty" With New Releases

Hard rock band, A Perfect Circle was the “perfect situation” for Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel. Their friendship laid the groundwork for a band that had no expectations, only the reliability of one another. After releasing three studio albums from 2000 to 2004, A Perfect Circle laid low, until regrouping in 2010 for a full-length tour.

The Universal Music Group recently announced the release of a “greatest hits” album and also a 3CD/1DVD set of the band’s live output from their 2010/2011 tour. Each CD from the live box set focuses on the band’s individual albums and the DVD was filmed at A Perfect Circle’s show from August 2011 at Red Rock. The new “greatest hits” set entitled “Three Sixty” included the first new recording by the band in a decade. The song “By and Down” was written during their live shows a couple years ago and fits in perfectly amongst their more well-known songs. The new release comes in two formats, a standard edition which includes a dozen of A Perfect Circle’s “hit” songs as well and the new recording and also a deluxe edition which includes 19 songs spread over two discs.

The “Three Sixty” set opens with the first song off the first album, “The Hollow,” which reminds you of how good their music was when they first started out. The album goes in chronological order, but the deluxe edition throws in the extra song “Rose” from the first album before moving on to the hard-hitting aggression of “Judith.” Their second album “Thirteenth Step” also gets cover extensively with six of the albums twelve tracks appearing in the deluxe edition, including a live version of “Gravity.” They mix in songs from their 2004 studio covers album “eMOTIVe” with a dark live version of “People Are People.” The second disc of the deluxe edition closes live versions of “3 Libras,” “Gravity” and “Fiddle and the Drum,” which all stick pretty close to their studio versions.

The live box set, “A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo” was limited to only 2500 copies and sold out very quickly. Digital versions of these albums with be available digitally on November 26 and each of the three albums that A Perfect Circle recorded in the studio will be reborn in a live setting. “Thirteenth Step Live” features the twelve tracks featured on the original studio album, only with an extra boost of adrenaline. The other two live albums, “Mer De Noms Live” and “eMOTIVe Live” are each given a bonus track along with the live versions of the studio albums. The real prize in this set is the live DVD (and audio CD) of their full twenty song performance at Red Rocks in August 2011. The songs cover the band’s entire career and also includes a live version of the band’s new studio song “By and Down” before being released on the new “greatest hits” set, “Three Sixty.

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