Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CD Review: Black Checker, Harper And Telenovelas Release New Music That Needs To Be Heard

From Washington D.C. comes Black Checker with their latest release "Fast." The band blasts through six songs in 19 minutes as they keep the pace with their punk-like sound. Beginning with "Bagel Girl" they try to mix in a loungy feel to their lyrics with a great ska/punk tempo. They pick up the pace with the guitar-driven "Can't Let Go" and the drum bashing "Never Doesn't Mean Someday." Black Checker show their aggression on the hard-hitting "Man Enough," before return to the ska/punk of "A New Way" to close the album.

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From the U.K. comes one of their newest imports, the independent band Harper with their latest EP and single. The three-song EP "Drawing Blood Blues" was released this past summer. They open the album with the alternative metal of "The Cut," then get caught in the groove on the classic metal sound of "Death Valley Days." They finish up with the bluesier, slightly more hectic "Heavy Like Thunder." Their most recent single "Feel So Hollow" is a slow jaunt with a more powerful appeal as they keep that hard working edge with a great, Jack White-type guitar riff.

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Finnish rockers Telenovelas return with their latest release "I Am The Destroyer." After releasing their debut only two years ago with the single "Moon Rising," the band  have polished their sci-fi, progressive rock sound as in the opening song "Existence On/Off." Telenovelas give off a young, energetic feel to their music in "Queen of the Moths," but also show a maturity in their songwriting in "Black Curtains." They look to expand their sound, and your mind, on "Traveler Has Arrived," before closing with the seven-minute slow build up of "Dreaming In The Great Blizzard."

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