Monday, December 2, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Closes The Year With Some New Hard Hitting Tunes

Metal Blade Records will be closing out the year with some new releases to forfill your dark side. Released back in mid-November was the latest album from Satan's Wrath entitled "Aeons of Satan's Reign." This devil worshiping metal band are the real deal as their words pay homage to the underlord, while their sound is a full adreneline rush of classic British metal.

Leading off with "Only Satan Is Lord" is just a blood pumping race to the finish as lead singer Tas Danazoglou preaches his beliefs. The band locks into a blazing metal groove on "Die White Witch Die," while growls of the chorus ring through your ears. They continue their assault with the speed march of "All Of Us Witches," before closing with the nine-minute build-up of the titled song, "Aeons Of Satan's Reign."

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From Sweden comes the latest album from death metal giants Demonical. Following a number of member changes within the band, they entered the studio earlier this year to create their fourth full-length studio album, "Darkness Unbound."

The ten-song release is just full of brute force that jumps out and attacks your senses with "The Order" and "King Of All." They blaze a trail of destruction with the neck-breaking speed of "The Healing Control" and "Hellfire Empire." The album finishes up with the chaotic "Deathcrown" and more accessible metal stomp of "The Great Praise."

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With roots dating back to the mid-80's, death metal band Pentagram Chile are finally releasing their long awaited new album, "The Malefice." The album took two years to make, following a list of setbacks within the band including changing their name from Pentagram to Pentagram Chile in order to avoid confusion with another doom metal band.

The new album finds a new sense of purpose within the band's sound as with aggressive "La Fiura" and the classic thrash metal sound of "The Apparition." They come out with guitars blazing on "Horror Vacui" and "Sacrophobia," before closing the album with the aggressive attack of "Prophetic Tremors."

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Last, but not least, we have the latest album, "Legions" from heavy metal band Artillery. After celebrating twenty years together, and changes in their line-up, this summer found the band in the studio recording their seventh studio album.The album leads off with guns (and guitars) ablazing during the opening track, "Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)." Lead singer Michael Bastholm Dhal howls like a young Dave Mustaine, while the rest of the band are at the top of their game on "God Feather." Their sound get a little heavier on "Legions," before showing their classic metal side with "Wardrum Heartbeat." Artillery pulls back the reigns for the slow grind of "Global Flatline," that closes with a burst of energy. The ammunition continues to fire on "Anno Requiem," before slowing down for a moment for "Enslaved To The Nether." The album finishes up with the last blast of power for the thrash metal fueled "Ethos Of Wrath."

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