Monday, December 16, 2013

CD Review: New Metal Music From Underground Acts Starsoup, 7 Year Sin And Ragestorm

From Moscow comes the latest album from Starsoup entitled "Bazaar Of Wonders." The album was released on November 29th through Sublimity Records and continues the band's progressive metal appeal. They are considered one of premier independent bands in the world.

Their sound on the opening track "Angels," combines the progressive mastery of Dream Theater with the hard rock, thrash attack of Metallica. They take their sound to a heavier level on "Ain't No Superman," before showing their diversity on the slow build-up of the more theatrical "Cradle Of War." The song "Rumors Of Better Life" show similarities to The Scorpions, while "Past Bites" is just a blast of metal energy. The band showcases their talents for songwriting on the epic sounding "Bazaar," before slowing down for the meaningful "Voices In The Wind." The album closes with the big, symphonic metal of "Perfect Loser" and the piano instrumental "Rain In The Desert."

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Next, from California we get the debut album from 7 Year Sin entitled "Bleed." The band came together last year over their love for the metal grunge of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. The album was released just last month and is available on iTunes (

The eight song release begins with "Sorrow," which sounds like the second coming of Layne Stanley as lead singer Laurence Fortin hits the notes perfectly and still keeps that grunginess. Their sound on "These Old Grounds" bring up the past with their nineties hard rock feel. They have a surprising attractive appeal to their music that is sure to find its way to hard rock radio with songs like "Don't Bother Me" and "Indecision." The album closes with the acoustic rock of "Wasting Time," which shows another element to their songwriting.

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Lastly, from Italy comes the debut full-length album from Ragestorm entitled "The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin." The band has honed their skills, releasing a few demos and EPs, but have finally found their way with their latest hard-hitting metal album.

The thirteen-song release begins with the heavy attack of "The Meatgrinder Theory," which grabs your attention with its growling vocals and keen musicianship. Ragestorm keep the adrenaline flowing with "Debt Ritual" and "Idiocracy," before changing things up slightly with the talking of "Hari Seldon's Speech," amongst a backdrop of electronic instrumentation. The highlight of the album is the seven-and-a-half minute title song that showcases the true talents of the band. The album closes with the machine-gun drumming of "Reaching The Impossible" as the band give their all to this performance.

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