Saturday, December 14, 2013

CD Review: "Sons Of Anarchy" Roll Out Another Volume Of Music

One of the highest rated shows on television is FX's "Sons Of Anarchy." The show's dark, true to life storylines and musical soundtrack continues to entice viewers. Now in its sixth season, "Sons Of Anarchy" have produced three soundtracks, including the recently released "Songs Of Anarchy, Volume 3." Some of the former soundtracks feature songs by Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and The Who sung by the shows' cast. Volume 3 continues that trend, but also includes the Leonard Cohen song "Come Healing" sung by the original artist.

The soundtrack kicks off with a hard rocking version of the blues classic, "Sitting On Top Of The World" sung by Chris Goss and continues with the dark chant of "Running Blues" by Jennifer O'Conner. The highlight of the album has to be Leonard Cohen's "Come Healing" which lead-off the latest season of the show. The Forest Rangers (Sons Of Anarchy House Band) take on "Everyday People," turning it into a slow waltz, while The Who's "Slip Kid" rocks as hard as the original. Sandwiched in-between those two songs is Katey Sagal's gentle, heartfelt song "For A Dancer." The soundtrack closes with the smoky voice of Joshua James on the politically charged, acoustic folk sound of "Crash The Train."

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