Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review: The Life Story Of Rick Nelson "Rock 'N' Roll Pioneer"

One of the founding artists of modern rock 'n' roll music is Ricky Nelson. His music, along with Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, is who every artist can trace their music heritage back to. While everyone knows the life of Elvis Presley, not everyone may know the history behind Ricky Nelson. Now there is a book that gives you the complete story of his life entitled "Rick Nelson: Rock 'N' Roll Pioneer" by Sheree Homer. It was published in August 2012 by McFarland Publishing.

Author Sheree Homer does an outstanding job layering the facts between quotes and opinions in a very loving adoring way. Homer, who is a big fan of Rick Nelson, does not allow her opinions to dictate the life of Nelson as a performer, actor, father and husband.

His background is laid out perfectly, as everything is covered about his very famous parents as musicians and actors. Also mentioning his appearances on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," during the early years of his youth. Then in 1957, Ricky Nelson's career begins to ascent into music stardom with the single "I'm Walkin'." Then, as Nelson's hits get bigger and bigger, he becomes a teenage idols to girls across the U.S. and rivals "The King" Elvis Presley on the music charts.

The book also discusses his switch to country pop/rock music where his music soared to new heights. Sheree explains the recordings of each of his hits and the success of his tours. The final two chapters discuss his untimely death in late 1985 and how his musical legacy has impacted thousands of musicians that have named Rick Nelson as an influence on their music. Also included is a complete discography of all of Nelson's recordings.

The book is sprinkled with photos, many of them are publicity stills supplied by Kris Nelson, but one shows how Nelson's good looks were the perfect image for early rock 'n' roll music. To find out more about "Rick Nelson: Rock 'N' Roll Pioneer," please visit

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