Saturday, January 25, 2014

CD Review: Capitol/Apple Corp Ltd. Boxes Up The Beatles "U.S. Albums" To Celebrate 50 Years

It was 50 years ago on February 9, 1964 when the fab four invaded homes around the U.S. with their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Since then, music in the United States has never been the same. The impact The Beatles left on the young influential minds of this country can still be felt this day.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first visit to the U.S., Apple Corps. Ltd/Capitol Records released a 13CD career spanning box set entitled "The U.S. Albums." It features the U.S. version each one of The Beatles' album that were given a different track listings and song mixes and artwork than that of its U.K. counterparts.

Beginning in 1964 with their U.S. debut album "Meet The Beatles!," each of the band's albums (with the exception of "The Beatles' Story" and "Hey Jude") gets presented in mono and in stereo. While many of these albums have appeared on CD in this arrangement before, three of them ("Yesterday And Today," "Revolver" and "Hey Jude") will be making their U.S. debut in this format. Even the banned "butcher cover" for the album "Yesterday And Today" will be available officially for the first time. Each CD artwork looks identical to the originally release, included the inner sleeves that promoted other Capitol artists of the time. Also included with the discs is a 64-page booklet that included photos and promotional art from the sixties. The sound on these discs is top notch and crystal clear and each album was Mastered for iTunes. They will also be available on CD individually for a limited time. Now American Beatles' fans can hear the original album they fell in love with.

To also kick off the 50th anniversary is an appearance of surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performing together at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards show. Then, fifty years to the day of their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, on Sunday, February 9th, CBS will air a two-hour special "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles." It features performances from Maroon 5, John Mayer, Keith Urban, John Legend, Alicia Keys and even the reunited Eurythimics.

The "U.S. Albums" box set is a must have for Beatles' fans, especially the long sought after "Hey Jude" album. To find out more about "The U.S. Albums" box set, please visit

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