Monday, January 27, 2014

CD Review: A Couple Of New Music Stars Look To Make An Impact In The U.S.

From Europe comes a couple of new artists looking to find success in the U.S. with new albums. One is from rock's newest U.K. singer/songwriter Dmarco and the other is from rising Irish country sensation Derek Ryan.

Dmarco's debut album entitled "Hollywood Crush" will see the light of day in March. Dmarco is not a stranger to the music industry, having been around musicians most of his life, including his step dad who was a member of The Human League. The music bug caught a hold of Dmarco and he recently released his first single from the album, "Hollywood Crush." The song carries a contagious rock beat with pop lyrics that should catch the attention of radio listeners. Other songs from the album like "Those 3 Words" have a bigger rock sound, similar to Coldplay, while "Annabelle" has a more classic Journey rock feel. The song "Into The Sea" showcases the diversity in his performance with a more acoustic-pop appeal.

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European country star Derek Ryan has already found multi-platinum success in his home country of Ireland and has hit the top of the charts in Japan. Now with a new album ("County Soul") available, Derek Ryan is looking to make an impact in the U.S.

His latest single, "100 Numbers" has a very welcoming, care-free, fun country-pop sound that could make his hugh fan base grow even larger. His songwriting and performance of "Leave A Light On For Me" has a very mature feel, while "Better Times A Coming" carries that classic "back porch" country sound. Derek pours his heart into his performance of the Aerosmith's hit single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and shows little bit of his Irish side on "The Long Way Home" as his accent gives the song its authenticity.

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