Friday, January 10, 2014

CD Review: The Good Romans "Open The Door" To Some New Music

The Finnish duo of Ilari Filander on Guitar and Jussi Miettola on drums and electronics have recently released their new album as the Good Romans. The new release entitled "Open The Door, Never Look Back" was made available digitally at the beginning of December through Finnish Explosions.

The new nine-song album begins with the slow-building strum of "Ode For Spar," but quickly turn on their free-form jazz/rock in "It's Just That...I Don't Love You Anymore." The album slowly moves along with the "Smiling No," before the frenzied feedback of "Moha Rave." The album finishes with the smooth guitar-jazz of "Alma Mater" and the ambient keyboards of "Open This Door, Never Look Back."

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