Monday, January 13, 2014

CD Review: New Extended Plays From A Few Independent Musicians

Here are some new underground EPs making their way onto the Internet. The genres range from singer/songwriters to death metal to alternative/grunge music.

First up is Brooklyn singer/songwriter Barsheem with his latest 5-song EP entitled "A Major EP." His influences draw from R&B, Pop  and Soul music as heard on the smooth sound of the opening track "If This World Were Mine." He gets his groove going on the up-tempo dance feel of "Need You In My Life," before closing with addictive pop of "(White World, Black World) Find Happy," which draws from Barsheem's influences of Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.

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Next up is the 3-song EP from U.K. grunge rockers Loving Forty-Four. While it was released almost a year ago, the band are beginning to get noticed for bringing the Seattle grunge of Nirvana and Mudhoney to the U.K. They buzz through the opening song "Glenda Needs Her Bottle" as they perfectly capture that now classic alternative rock sound. The guitar buzz and monotone vocals flow through the entire ten-minute album, closing with the strong bass line of "Poppy."

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Finally we get to the latest release from Swedish Death Metal band Mist of Misery. Their new EP entitled "Temple Of Stilled Voices" has become a work-in-progress as the band have released samplings from the new album on YouTube. The darkness of the vocals and the change in tempo keeps the eight-minute songs interesting especially in the slow burn of the title song and the more aggressive sound of the single "Window Mirror Image."

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