Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Scent Of Remains And Black Space Riders

From Tennessee comes the latest album from heavy metal band Scent of Remains entitled "Under A Blackened Sky." It is the band's second full-length album and was released through Pavement Entertainment. Since 2009, the band has combined their musical influences with their experiences on the road to create metal music that is a positive, high energy release.

The album dives right into "The Forfeit" with howling vocals and a guitar-riff fueled rhythm. The album hits a more mainstream hard rock groove on "Hold You Under." They keep their metal edge on "BTK," before lifting their foot off the gas pedal on the gentle acoustic "Wakefield." Scent of Remains quickly turns the energy back on with "This Present Darkness" and "Snake In The Grass," before closing with the darker sounds of "Unholy" and the quiet, two-minute instrumental "These Dying Days."

Scent of Remains has a few shows lined up in their home state. For more information on the new album, "Under A Blackened Sky," please visit

From Germany comes the heavy metal band, Black Space Riders with their third album "D:REI" to be released on January 24 through the BSR/Cargo label. The new album tells the story of total destruction and rebuilding a newer, better society.

The new release begins with the seven-plus minute simmering guitar-riff filled "Stare At The Water" that finds a pulse during the explosive chorus. They continue the story with the progressive metal buzzing of "Bang Boom War (Outside My Head)" and the slow burn of "Rising From The Ashes Of Our World." The album finds its first possible single with the mainstream metal groove of "Way To Me" and then pulls in their Black Sabbath influence on the aggressive "The GOD-Survivor." Black Space Riders hit the perfect metal bass groove on "Leave," before finishing up with another possible radio single with "Letter To A Young One" and the grunge of "The Everlasting Circle Of Infinity."

Black Space Riders have a few live dates at the end of the month in their home country of Germany. To find out more about their new album "D:REI," please visit

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