Thursday, January 30, 2014

CD Review: New Imported Music From Australia and Spain

From down-under comes the latest EP from the Melbourne, Australian band Soop. Their 5-song EP, "Buffalo, Buffalo" is the band's debut release as they are heralded as one of the front-runners of the techno-folk movement.

Their music contains twenty minutes of new, fresh experimental pop, beginning with the slow-techno beat of "Ostrich of War." They look to expand your mind with the airy, ambient flow of "Follow The Leader," which leads into the light pop of "Air Balloons," before finishing up with the mellow sway of "Johnny Fine."

To check out Soop's new EP, "Buffalo, Buffalo," go to

From Spain comes the jazz duo of Marcos Pin and Yago Vazquez with volume 1 of their ongoing series entitled "Duology." The concept behind the recordings is to redo some famous jazz standards strictly as a duo, whether Marcos performs with Yago or with a guest musician.

The first EP, "Duology: Volume 1" contains five songs that most jazz fans would be familiar with. Beginning with Miles Davis' "Donna Lee," the main focus is the amazing finger-work of guitarist Marcos Pin. The tempo slows down for the relaxing appeal of Thelonious Monk's classic "Blue Monk." The low tones of the slow-moving "You Don't Know" and the more up-tempo bebop feel of "Dewey Square" finishes the album all too quickly.

To find out more about the "Duology" series, please visit

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