Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Music Coming From Seattle And Chicago

The Trouble Starts, a post-punk band from Seattle, returns with part two of their planned two EP release. Having released part 1, "East" back in August of 2013 (read review here: they will be releasing part two entitled "West" on February 25th, putting six months between releases.

Beginning with "Faulkner" the five-song EP gets off to a roaring start with grunge-like guitars that slowly builds to the songs conclusion. The Trouble Starts hits a mainstream alternative rock vein with "Bird In The Water" that has a great guitar line that moves the song along. Their music shifts to a more mellow, melodic feel on "Alexandria," before closing with the Coldplay-type remix of "Golden Silver" from their earlier EP.

To find out more about The Trouble Starts and their latest EP "West," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the debut album from the alternative country band Martin Van Ruin, entitled "Every Man A King." While the name may be new, the members are from other local bands around the Chicago area. The album was recorded over the last year with Neil Strauch (Iron And Wine) and the way they all came together on this new release begs the question, "What took so long?"

Their sound on the opening song "Wilderness" instantly puts them in the category with Wilco, Ryan Adams and the Monsters of Folk. Their songwriting throws together elements of pop with folk and country to create a comforting feel to their music as in "Sayanora" and "Gold And Love And Gin." They finish up the album with the aggressive folk of "American Moon" and the eerie, slow-moving "Storm Coming," which has a slight pulse until the rock-type close.

Martin Van Ruin has one show on their schedule for the moment at the Hideout in Chicago. Their new album was released on January 6th and is available now through their website,

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