Friday, February 28, 2014

CD Review: Connecticut Rockers 1974 Give Us "Death Of The Herald"

Connecticut rock band 1974 have recently released their fourth album entitled "1974 & The Death Of The Herald." The band was named "Best New Band" in 2012 and "Best Rock Band" in 2013 at the annual Connecticut Music Awards. Their latest release is considered a concept album of Earth in the future and individual characters dealing with great triumphs and great sorrow.

The album starts out with "The Great Galactic War," which begins with a more aggressive feel of their symphonic/progressive sound. The 1974 sound huge with the big chorus of "Herald Of Life," before the band begins to show their musical talents on the prog-rock structure of "Building An Empire" which flows into the atmospheric build-up of "Essential Arms." Their music takes on a dark tone with "Admiral Tackett" and spaces out with a great performance as the backdrop to the voiceovers on "The United Earthlands' Assembly." The album (and story) conclude with the nine-minute title song "The Death Of The Herald," that builds in strength and speed as the band's progressive nature shines through.

The 1974 have a couple shows lined-up, including a return to Connecticut on April 26 at the Zen Bar in Plainville. To find out more about this band, please visit

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