Thursday, February 27, 2014

CD Review: The Duke Of Norfolk Flys "South" And Hope Vista Heads To "Wonderland"

From the U.K. comes singer/songwriter Adam Howard with his first full-length release under the moniker The Duke Of Norfolk. His album entitled "Birds...Fly South!" is a culmination of his previously released seven EPs. Howard took the best representation of himself from his previous releases and created a great break-through album.

The eleven-track release starts out with the 45-second gospel chant of "Oh Freedom," which heads right into "The South" which has a very attractive sound. His music and lyrics place him in the league with some of the best independent singer/songwriters like Sufjan Stevens and Connor Oberst. The Duke Of Norfolk showcases his talents on the "Nightingale Movement I & II." The soft gentle flow of the music, puts your mind at ease, while his vocals accent the smooth feel of the song's subject. Howard sounds a little like Dave Matthews on "The Storm & The Sea" as he holds off until the last minute to let the rhythm take over. The album finishes up with Christmas bells jingling for the "Lovely Winter."

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From New Jersey comes singer/songwriter Hope Vista with her brand new four-song EP. She has appeared on the TV show "X-Factor" and has also opened for pop star Aaron Carter. Her new batch of recordings draw upon all her recent experiences, beginning with her new single "Down In Wonderland." The song has all the up-tempo pop elements, while the clever lyrics play around the "Alice In Wonderland" story. Her vocals really come alive on the soft, gentle feel of "Hearts Of Darkness" as the music only enhances her innocent voice. She also shows a country side on "Stating The Facts," that gives her music a little more diversity.
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