Thursday, February 13, 2014

CD Review: Indie-Artists Release Some Exciting New Music

A trio of new artists are looking to make a name for themselves in the independent market. New releases have arrived from traditional roots artist Andy Ferrell, California folk band Julian & The Upside Sound and pop performer Kris N.

Beginning with the debut EP ("I Was Born") from Andy Ferrell, you get the pure, stripped-down roots music that artists like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have all started from. Coming from the small town of Boone, NC, Ferrell felt very strong about his career choice, which had lead him to discover the work of folk music legend Doc Watson.

The classic folk of "On The Road" puts your nerves at ease with this campfire tale, while "Honey Where You Been So Long" carries a bluegrass feel. His sound feel more like a early folk music pioneer, then the modern early twenties performer. The six-song album closes with the acoustic-strumming, storied lyrics  of "Waiting On The Rain" and the quiet, demo-sounding plee of "Poor Boy."

Andy Ferrell has about half-a-dozen live dates on his schedule. For a full list of shows and for more about his new album "I Was Born," please visit

Next from Dayton, OH comes the rock/pop of Kris N. with his new full-length album "The Thankful Parade." It is his first album to be recorded in Hi-Fi and was released through Poptek Records.

Kris N.'s legion of fans will have no trouble accepting this latest release as he displays his more laid-back acoustic pop sound on "Farewell Fifth Street." His songwriting formula stays the same "For Awesome," but gets more aggressive on the quick, punk-like fury of "Christmas Tree." He shows diversity with the aerie feel of "Carillon Belles" and hits the nail on the head with the alternative pop of "Grace Killey." The album closes with the quiet experiment "Tallahassee."

To find out more about Kris N., please visit her Facebook page at

Now we get to the latest from Julian & The Upside Sound with their newly release self-titled, full-length album. While some of the members have been together since 2007 in various other formations, this band is forging a new sound combining their love for stringed instruments with folk/rock mainstream bands Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers.

The ten-song release begins with the infectious feel of "Water," followed by the more gentle folk of "Constantly Risking Absurdity," that taps the musical vein of today's Americana sound. They show their love for classic with "Mimi's Waltz" which flows wonderfully into the heartfelt passion of "On Your Sleeve." Their voice mesh perfectly on the up-tempo acoustic preaching of Psalm Of Life," before slowing down for the quiet story of "Something Seven." The album finishes up with the gentle flow of the instrumental "Silverlining Waltz" and the multi-layered vocals of "Out Of Time."

To find out more about Julian & The Upside Sound, please visit their Facebook page at

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