Sunday, February 23, 2014

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Continues To Roll Out New Metal Music

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock label Metal Blade Records is turning the month of February into a headbangers ball with a handful of new releases to blast your eardrums. On the new music radar is the latest from death/black metal band Behemoth. Their album "The Satanist" is filled will heavy metal riffs as in "Blow Your Horn Gabriel" and "Amen," while the howling vocals give an evilness to the song's cult-like subject matter. The title song gives a glimpse of mainstream ability, but Behemoth bashes away the idea of slowing down with the speed blast of "In The Absence Of Light."

Another new death/black metal release comes from the Norwegian band Sarke. Their latest release "Aruagint" leans more toward the classic metal from the seventies, then today's shot of speed. The songs "Jodau Aura" and "Walls of Ru" showcase the influence bands like Black Sabbath have on their music, while the masterfully crafted "Icon Usurper" looks to put Sarke on the heavy metal map.

Trying to keep up with the new music of Down Among The Dead Men is an almost impossible task. Their new self-titled album begins with the neck-snapping speed of "Draconian Rage." The thirteen-song release is made up of two- to three- minute burst of music and energy that is sure to get the adrenaline flowing. They slow down for the crunching "Venus Mantrap," but display machine-gun speed on "The Stones Lament."

If speed and power is what you are looking for, then the latest release from death metal band Bodyfarm, entitled "The Coming Scourage," is the perfect match. The harsh aggressive vocals and buzzsaw guitars of "Frontline Massacre" and the speed and power of "The Wall of Decay" have laid the groundwork for Bodyfarm to become the leading Denmark band for death metal.

Another Norwegian band with a new album is Sahg. Their latest release "Delusions Of Grandeur" was inspired by the classic sci-fi movies "2001 A Space Odyssey" and "Metropolis." Instead of creating 4-minute pieces of music, Sahg have made each song on this album belong together, beginning with the epic rock of "Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe." Their music has a progressive metal feel in "Blizzardborne" and the 11-minute "Sleeper's Gate To The Galaxy." They still have that metal edge and speed on "Firechild," but showcase their musicianship wonderfully on "Walls of Delusion."

And now for something completely different, comes the new release from Slough Feg entitled "Digital Resistance." They combine elements of Celtic folk with a hard rock/metal beat as heard on the opening track "Analogue Avengers/Bertrand Russell's Sex Den" and in "The Luddite." The hardest they rock is on the title track, "Digital Resistance," which seems like a song lost in time as it has a classic metal feel to it and on the pulsating beat of "Magic Hooligan."

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