Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CD Review: New Double-EPs From Singer/Songwriter Dylan Starrs And Rock Trio Fox

From Los Angeles, CA comes singer/songwriter Dylan Starrs with his latest release, the double EP "The Swill To The Swell." It incorporates his early influences of growing up in Dallas, TX as he showcases his love for Americana music.

The twelve track release begins with Dylan paying homage to his homestate in "Hey California" as you notice a slight roughness to his voice in the quieter moments of the song. His music has a fun, light-hearted feel to it in "Not For All The Whiskey In Ireland," while"A Matter Of Fact" has Dylan Starrs drawing similarities to Dave Matthews. He gets all the emotions flowing in the gospel stomp of "Ol Water," before pouring his feelings out on "Ghost of June." The album closes with the acoustic folk storytelling of "Body For Bread" and the gentle, demo-like feel of "I'd Like To Think So."

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From Michigan comes the rock trio Fox with their debut double-EP entitled "Fox/Chris Sinclair." It was released last year through the Kalamazoo Recording Company. The album begins with the funky "Big Fred," before get down and dirty with the bluesy feel of "The Morning." The guys really rock, with guitars blazing on "High Tide Rising," before closing the first EP with the six-minute, slow burn of Apathetic People."

The second half of the double-EP starts out with the jammy bass groove of "Dayumn" and the slow, sluggy beat of "Toxic Brain." The quick one, two punch of "Far Away" and "Alamo" leads right up to the eight-minute closer, the prog-rock feel of "Motherfucker (Burn It Down)."

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