Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CD Review: New Metal Music Imported By Crucifliction And Grenouer

From north of the border comes the Vancouver metal band Crucifliction with their debut album "Heresy Is Met With Fire." The album was released digitally in December 2013, but physical copies will not be available until March. Their music is described at "death metal," but with a more accessible sound, similar to the early days of thrash metal.

The twelve-song release starts out with the crunching guitars of "Iraqistan" as the band locks in with its quick heart-pounding beats. They keep the high energy music flowing with "Procession Of The Damned" and display their top notch musicianship during the solo of "Human Target." Crucifliction gets their motor pumping on the quick blast of "Shreds of Existence," before pulling back the reigns for the slow metal jaunt of "Til Death." They continue with some exceptional guitar work on "Epidemic," before splitting your head open with the heavy sound of "Soulless." The album closes with the nine-minute epic feel of "The Dystopian Arsenal" and the final blast of energy with "Crucifliction."

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Russian metal band Grenouer return with their seventh studio album "Blood On The Face." After a two year wait, the album was finally released last year through Mausoleum Records. This album shows a maturity in the band performance by trading the quick, high-energy death metal shots to a more clean, complete hard rock sound.

The album start out with big, hard-hitting rhythm of the title-song "Blood On The Face" and Grenouer hit the hard rock mainstream with the irresistible presence of "Sands Of Silence." They look to modernize their music with the rap-like breakdown of "Midday Show" and sound more and more like Linkin Park with "Rejected" and "Brain Fever." The album finishes up with a return to their metal roots with "Last Stop" and a spot-on cover of Stone Temple Pilots' "All In The Suit That You Wear."

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