Monday, February 24, 2014

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Celebrates 25 Years Of Camper Van Beethoven

American alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their most popular album "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart" with a deluxe version of the album. Omnivore Recordings almost doubles the amount of music with 11 bonus tracks added to the original album.

In 1987, Camper Van Beethoven signed with Virgin Records after having a huge underground following. The band had a minor MTV hit with "Eye of Fatima" and their sound was ahead of it's time as they experimented with elements of reggae, ska and Middle Eastern music, meshing it with pure, straight up rock.

This new release of the band's 1988 album "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart" features the original remastered album, along with expanded artwork. Songs like "O Death" and "Devil Song" sound like early influences to the Seattle grunge movement, while "Turquoise Jewelry" and "Life Is Grand" feel like they were written for the eighties Clash album "Combat Rock." The real treasure lies within the bonus tracks, including live versions of some of their early independent recordings like "The Day Lassie Went To The Moon" and "Seven Languages." Also included is the rare promo only version of the single "Eye Of Fatima" and the rare b-side of the "Life Is Grand" single, "Pope Festival."

Plus, to celebrate the occasion, Omnivore Recordings is releasing a deluxe version of Camper Van Beethoven's follow-up album "Key Lime Pie." The album comes newly remastered just like its predecessor with nine bonus tracks added on to the original album. After the success of "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart," the band decided to experiment more with their sound as heard in the Eastern influence of the "Opening Theme" and the more laid-back country rock of "Sweethearts." Camper Van Beethoven still rock with "(I Was Born In A) Laundromat" and found minor success with their hard psychedelic rock version of Status Quo's "Pictures Of Matchstick Men." The bonus tracks consist of live versions of early songs like "Wasted" and "Take The Skinheads Bowling" along with unreleased session versions of songs "L'aguardiente" and "(I Don't Want To Go To The) Lincoln Shrine."

Both albums were released on February 4th through Omnivore Recordings and are available in CD and vinyl format. To find out more, please visit

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