Thursday, February 6, 2014

CD Review: Hannah & Maggie Find "Company" In New Album

From New York comes the newest female folk duo Hannah & Maggie with their new, soon to be released album "In The Company Of Strangers." It is the duo's third album and they have definitely honed their voices to showcase the perfect harmonization on this latest batch of songs.

The thirteen song release begins with the gentle acoustic folk-strumming of "Home As We Know It" as you instantly notice how well their voices mesh together. They show a little edginess to their sweet folk sound on "The Final Straw," then perform with the innocents of early Simon & Garfunkel on "Morning Star." Their voices float along on "Atticus" and its hard not to compare them to the Indigo Girls on "Pray For Wind," but Hannah & Maggie have a timeless sound to their voices. The girls get a little funky on "Nightingale," before closing with the graceful sway of "September."

Hannah & Maggie will be hitting the road on February 21 with a show at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. To find out more about their upcoming tour and their new album "In The Company Of Strangers," please visit

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