Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CD Review: The Doors Get Tripped Out With New Psychedelic Tribute Album

LA rock band The Doors were on the edge of the psychedelic movement as their self-titled debut album ruled the "summer of love" in 1967. They would go on to become one of the biggest band's in music history, thanks to Jim Morrison's poetry-type lyrics, Robbie Kreiger's unforgettable bluesy guitar licks and the unstoppable rhythm section of John Densmore and Phil Manzarek (who also added his unmistakable organ into the mix). Now, indie record label Cleopatra Records is bringing together some of today's cutting-edge psychedelic rock artists to pay tribute to the one and the only The Doors.

The thirteen-song album begins with fuzzed rock of "L.A. Women" done masterfully by Elephant Stone. The Black Angels follow with their eerie, but tripped out, version of "Soul Kitchen," which will make you never listen to the original song the same way again. The Dark Horses turn The Doors' pop single "Hello, I Love You" into a mind-expanding adventure down the rabbit hole. One of the high points of the album is the eight-and-a-half minute adventure of "The Soft Parade" by the Sons of Hippies, which puts you back into the sixties psychedelic era. The Wall of Death turn "Light My Fire" into a Gothic anthem, while Clinic make "Touch Me" sound like Nine Inch Nails covering The Doors. The album closes with Danish rockers The Raveonettes putting their special brand on a shortened version of "The End."

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Will Copps said...

The Black Angels Soul Kitchen is INCREDIBLE. One of my favorite things from this year.