Saturday, March 29, 2014

CD Review: Look Out For New Music From Dinner Music For The Gods, Ogre, Invertia And Jupiter Zeus

From both ends of the country comes new metal music from Dinner Music For The Gods, Ogre and Invertia as well as new music from Australia's Jupiter Zeus. The Las Vegas instrumentalists, Dinner Music For The Gods have just released their new album entitled "Beautiful And Treacherous." It features eight songs that showcase the band's excellent musicianship, beginning with the full-on metal assault of the title song, "Beautiful And Treacherous." Matt Muntean adds a little extra rhythm to "Sophia," while Darrin Pappa and Andy Heilman electrify with duel guitar attack. Dinner Music For The Gods takes on Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" turning it into one big solo fest, without keeping the signature drum/guitar riff. The band lets loose on their "Game Of Thrones" tribute, "Winterfell," before slowing down for the more progressive rock feel of "Wind Through The Trees." The album closes with a metal tribute to The Highwaymen's "Ghost Riders In The Sky" with their version "Ghost Troopers In The Sky." To find out more, please visit

Next up, from Maine come the doom metal band Ogre with their fourth album "The Last Neanderthal." It was released in North America on March 7th through Italian music label Minotauro Records. While they may be categorized as a doom metal band, their music contains the classic rhythm of Black Sabbath as in the opener "Nine Princes Of Amber" and the heavy progressive rock of "Bad Trip." They perform a cover of 70's bar band, Ogre's "Soulless Woman" as their music feels more lose and free. The album finishes up with the eight-minute release of "Warpath" and the dark ten-minute dark tones of "The Hermit." To find out more about Ogre, please visit their Facebook page at

New from Ohm Resistance Records is the latest release from Industrial Metal band Invertia entitled "Another Scheme Of The Wicked." This album is the follow-up to their 2013 self-titled release and tacks on five remixes onto five newly recorded blistering hymns. The five new songs continue Invertia's introduction to their brand of metal music, beginning with the steadiness of "The Sidewinding" that is set out to attack your hearing. Their aggressiveness comes through on "Cross Eyed Christ" and the blistering speed of "Void Of Community" and "Hourglass Without Sand" will make your head spin. The remixes are from Ohm Resistance Records veterans Justin K. Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU), End.user (THE BLOOD OF HEROES), and Submerged (METHOD OF DEFINANCE, THE BLOOD OF HEROES) as well as newcomers TranZi3nt and R3TRD. The remixes showcase another side to these thunderous songs with the closing remix of "They're Everywhere" sounding quite disturbing with a preacher's voice calling all children to follow him.
To find out more about Invertia and their new album "Another Scheme For The Wicked," please visit

From Australia comes the latest release from Jupiter Zeus entitled "On Earth" It is the band's full length debut album on Magnetic Eye Records and was released on March 11th. Their music ventures to the heavier side of rock with only a touch of progressive metal. The eleven song album begins with the loud buzzing of guitars before the band locks into a classic metal rhythm on the opener "Waves." Their music feels like the heavier, hard rock brother of Pink Floyd ("Cosmic Rays") with a strong influence from Mastadon ("Divinity"). The band show their more aggressive side with "Co-Creators," before closing with the spacey, acoustic rock of "State Of Mind." To find out more about this band from down under, please visit their website at

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