Sunday, March 30, 2014

CD Review: New Album From The Monochrome Cherubs Is Sure To "Sparkle" With A Classic Rock Feel

From New York comes the latest album from The Monochrome Cherubs entitled "Pure Grinding Sparkle." The origins of The Monochrome Cherubs date back to the mid-eighties when lead guitarist/singer Tim Lacy began as a studio musician. Tim and producer Paul O'Neil began working together on O'Neil's latest project for Atlantic Records, the progressive metal band Savatage's "Hall Of The Mountain King" album. From there, Tim would help out on the debut album from Badlands (Jake E. Lee, Ray Gillen, Eric Singer, Greg Chaisson) as his talents flourished at SIR studios. Dissatisfied with much of the music being played on the radio and on MTV, he decided to put his own band together to get back to the roots of rock music. The Monochrome Cherubs released their debut album in early days of the new millennium and have been shifting members on almost every album since.

Now, Tim has put together a line-up that deserves recognition as this new album brings back the early hard rock of the seventies with a modern flair. Beginning with the chugging rhythm of "The Whole Truth," you'd almost think you were hearing a long lost Aerosmith album as Tim's vocals mirror a younger Steven Tyler on "Save Yourself" and "My Lie In Pieces." The band picks up the pace on the attractive hard rock of "Four Day Burn" that features some exceptional guitar playing. Their music gets a little heavier on the title-song, before closing the album with funk-groove of "The Conversation" and the straight-up pounding rock of "Broken Smile."

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