Friday, March 28, 2014

CD Review: New Indie Music From Across The Globe

First, from the Republic of Ireland comes the new three song EP from singer/songwriter Laura Bonner, better known Tangled. Her new album entitled "Lost And Found" was released on March 25 and showcases her talents for writing lyrics that are very personal, but can also be related to other people's feelings. The new release begins with the acoustic folk of "Unattainable," which carries a very pop like feel. She continues with the darker tone of "Medicate Me," before closing with the inspiring sound of "Demon Within."

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Next we have the debut solo album from English singer/songwriter John Bassett entitled "Unearth." He is mostly known as the critically acclaimed produced of the English Prog-Rock band KingBathmat. Bassett's new acoustic album was released on March 31 through Stereohead Records. It takes Bassett's knack for producing progressive rock and stripping away any of the excess to bring the music back to its core sound.
The ten-song album begins with "Stay Away From The Dark," which hearkens back to the early days of progressive rock with elements of folk added to it. The gentle flow of "Survival Rate" and the lyrical delivery of "Unearth" displays elements from King Crimson, while "Pantomine" follows the perfect prog-rock formula to take you on a musical journey. The album shows some mainstream appeal with "TV Is God," before closing with the light airiness of "Comedian."

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Finally we some new music from "down under" with the latest EPs from instrumentalist Tabi Sari and newly appointed solo rocker Jack to Lightspeed. Australian musician Tabi Sari recently released his latest batch of songs entitled "The Instrumental EP." He mixes his time between his music and his art, with both of his talents growing and receiving critical praise. The five song album has an eclectic, acoustic laid back feel that allows Tabi to control the mood. Whether its the more aggressive rhythm of "Outcome Report" or the gentle flow of "Day Dreaming" Tabi allows the listener to get lost in his music. The highlight is the jazzy two-minute "Try Again" that really deserves your attention.

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Also from Australia is the electronic rocker Jack Preston, better known at Jack to Lightspeed. His latest release "Applied To Modern Life" contains four songs that find Jack spreading his musical talents to more pop territory. The beats of "Decimated" are club ready, while Jack's voice is ready to rock whenever the moment calls for it. His music also reflects the retro-eighties pop in "Don't You Recall" as if is came from Prince's early songbook.

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