Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CD Review: Kenny Davin Fine Returns With A Full "Heart" And Redleg Husky Takes Us To "Carolina"

Country roots rocker Kenny Davin Fine will be releasing his ninth album "Son Of The Heart" on May 20th through Higher Ground Records. Just prior to the release of the new album, Kenny Davin Fine will be embarking on a mini-promotional tour. He'll be hitting the major markets like New York, Philadelphia, Nashville and St. Louis.

Many may know the name Kenny Davin Fine from his groundbreaking research in developing gluten-free foods, but with his latest batch of songs, the musical community will also know that name for positive, healthy music. The album begins with the upbeat, guitar shuffle of "Dreamin'," but his heart seems to lie in the slow, country feel of "Aliyah."  The song "Who's That Girl" gets stuck in repeat in your head as you continue to sing the chorus, while his voice in "I Wanna Be Your Lovin' Man" soothes your troubles. He mixes in a little island flavor during the "Summer Of Love" before closing with "Friendship" as Kenny names some of his biggest influences like Neil Young, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and more. It's great to listen to and hear how he weaves the lyrics along a gentle acoustic backdrop.

To find out more about Kenny Davin Fine and his new album "Son Of The Heart," please visit

Also, from North Carolina comes the debut album from the Americana/folk trio Redleg Husky entitled "Carolina." Formed in 2012 the band have being a staple at folk festivals along the southeast and their first album of studio songs should help spread the word. Beginning with "Carolina Diamonds," you instantly have the feeling that less is more. The starkness of only acoustic instruments allows the vocals to shine and make you take notice of the wonderfully creative lyrics. The song "Autumn Heart" fits in perfectly to the Americana folk movement lead by The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers. The band has fun with the highly contagious chorus of "You Threw Me Away," but also have you hanging on their every word in "Wishing Well." The album finishes up with the quick, acoustic strumming of "Hallowed Sound."

Redleg Husky are keeping busy with loads of shows throughout the summer. For more information on their new album "Carolina," please visit

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CD Review: One Word Says It All For New Releases From Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records rolled out a handful of new albums during the month of April. Bands like Whitechapel and Portrait are looking to gain strength in numbers with their new music, while Pilgrim and Below are looking to re-introduce themselves to the metal music community.

Hardcore metal band Whitechapel will be releasing their fifth album "Our Endless War" on April 29th and proves that there is no slowing down for this band. The title-song just hits you like a ton of bricks and as you stagger to your feet, the songs "The Saw Is The Law" and "Mono" show an even more aggressive side. After almost ten years in the industry, Whitechapel are just hitting their stride, mixing tempos on "Worship The Digital Age" and showcasing their evilness in "Psychopathy." Just prior to the release of the new album, Whitechapel set out on their U.S. tour, which runs to the end of June. To find out more about their new album "Our Endless War," please visit

Swedish metal band Portrait are at a "Crossroads" with their second album on Metal Blade Records. Their record label debut "Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae" received positive reviews and just missed topping the charts of "Hard Rock Magazine." Their new album is very important for the band to establish themselves as a force in the metal community. The nearly seven-minute "At The Ghost Gate" shows the commitment the band has to their music as they display a progressive-metal sound. You instantly hear how their music was influenced by bands like Metal Church and Iron Maiden as Portrait pay tribute to them in the songs "We Were Not Alone" and "In Time." They close the album with the nine-minute build-up of "Lily" that really showcases the great musicianship within the band. To find out more about Portrait and their new album "Crossroads," please visit

Next from Rhode Island comes the return of the doom metal band Pilgrim with their sophomore album "II: Void Worship." The band has developed a cult following since their debut two years ago and are looking to make a bigger impact in the metal music scene with some new music. The ten-minute opener "Master's Chamber" comes right from the book of Black Sabbath with its dark bass line and deep, drawn out guitar notes. The perfect recipe for doom metal. Pilgrim pick up the energy on "The Paladin" and display their guitar fuzz during the slow burn of "Void Worship." To find out more about Pilgrim, please visit

Finally we get to the debut album from Swedish doom metal band Below with "Across The Dark River." Right from the opening track "Trapped Under Ground," you'd think that Zeb's vocals are truly special. It has the mysticism of Ronnie James Dio and the power of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell to match the strength of the band's sound. The band look to capture that classic feel of Black Sabbath and Rainbow with the dark storytelling of "Portal," while also giving a modern feel to their metal sound as in "Across The Dark River." To find out more about Below, please visit

Monday, April 28, 2014

CD Review: Discover New Music From Brittany Jean, Braidwood And SweetKiss Mama

Washington D.C. singer/songwriter Brittany Jean and German audio/visual artist Will Copps return with their latest EP entitled "Places." The album was the most difficult for them to record, due to the distance between the two artists, but the songs feel as if each was helping, (even pushing), each other to achieve their greatest work of art. The mellow pop of "Beneath The Crest Of The Sea" has Brittany's vocals leading the way as Will's synthesizers fill-in the openness of the song's airy feel. The two-minute "Neighborhoods" show the duo experimenting with their sound, before showcasing the original folk/Americana pop of "The Fall." The album finishes up with the R&B backbeat of "The Smoke/The Snow" and the stark folk-like delivery of "Vow."

Brittany Jean has a few upcoming live dates on her calendar. To find out more about the new album "Places," please visit and

The new debut album from Canadian singer/songwriter Brent Braidwood has a classic feel, but modern alternative rock sound with a bit of sixties nostalgia. After being involved in the music industry for over 40 years, Braidwood though it was about time to release his own music. His music has an attractive, care-free feel as in the opener ""Left To Wonder." His talents shine on the piano ballad of "You," but his heart lies within the album's first single "Mine All Mine" as he pulls off the appeal of a feel-good rocking song. He dabbles a little in the country vein of "Some Say It's Murder," but the two-minute guitar attack of "Lighthouse Keeper" is where Braindwood's talent can't be denied. The album closes with the sixties pop/rock of "So It Goes" and the experimental sound of "Are You Listening?"

To find out more about Braidwood and his new album "Almost Lost My Nerve," please visit his Facebook page at

From Seattle comes the hard hitting southern rock appeal of SweetKiss Momma with their latest album "A Reckoning Is Coming." The band has found indie success with their former album "Revival Rock" hitting #1 on the independent "Roots" rock sales chart and they are looking to duplicate that with this new release. Beginning with "Fix My Hair," this band is out to prove a point and make you a fan as their sound brings together southern rock with gospel to make sure to stand-up and take notice. The guitars are on fire during the title-song, while they slow-down for a moment to showcase the country roots of "Same Old Stories." The blues rocker "For The Last Time" and the fun, playfulness of "Birthday Cake" prove that this band is ready for the big-time with their outstanding collection of songs.

SweetKiss Momma have a load of live dates around the Washington state area. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about the band's new album "A Reckoning Is Coming," please visit

Sunday, April 27, 2014

CD Review: European Musicians Look To Excite With New Albums

From France comes the guitar virtuoso Marcelo Paganini with his latest album "2012 Space Traffic Jam." It was released back in January and shows Paganini's growth as a songwriter as the music on this album take you on a journey. Whether its the funky space-like feel of the opener "Sphinxes Of Babel" or the quick, fast-paced rock of "Actor," Paganini handles the guitars and keyboards allowing him to control the mood of the songs. Fellow Yes members Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood help out on the eight-minute time traveling piece "Somewhere Somehow." The song also features the amazing talent of Gary Husband on drums. Paganini shows his guitar prowess on the jamming instrumental of "Last Bart To San Bruno," then slows down for the moody, dark prog-rock feel of "B4ever Now." The album finishes up with the eight-minute space rock of "Can't Autograph Your MP3" and the classic Genesis-sounding "2012 Space Traffic Jam."

To find out more about Marcelo Paganini and his new album, please visit his Facebook page at

Italian cellist Francesco Guerri recently released his debut solo album "Prima Di Qualsiasi Altra Cosa Allora Si Perdera." The album is thirty-four minutes of Guerri on display, showcasing his talents with the cello. The first two songs fly by in a blur, before reaching "Improvision n.1" which contains a more experimental piece of music as Guerri uses the absence of sound as a second instrument. The longer pieces allows the listener to get lost in Guerri's musical world, as in the dark tones of "In Palpable Form" and gentle feel of "Macbeth."

To find out more about Francesco Guerri, please visit

Saturday, April 26, 2014

CD Review: The Winery Dogs Re-Release Their Debut Album With A Few Extra "Treats"

One of the most excitingly popular new bands to come out of the hard rock scene last year was The Winery Dogs, featuring Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big), Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mr. Big) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob). Their self titled debut album hit #27 on the Billboard Album chart and topped many lists of music magazines and websites. The original release of the debut album was in July of 2013 (review: and since then the band has been in full demand for live shows.

On April 29, Loud And Proud Records/Three Dog Records will release a "Special Edition" of their debut album that features a live CD along with the original studio album. There will also be a "Deluxe Special Edition" that contains not only the two discs mentioned above, but also a third CD of studio demos, a DVD of music videos and interviews with the band, Mike Portnoy's in-studio diary from the making of the record, a custom Winery's Dogs dog tag with chain, a custom Winery Dogs wine bottle topper and finally a custom embroidered Paw print logo patch.

The bonus live CD included in the both "Special Editions" contain the band's only second live show ever performing together. It was recorded in Toky0, Japan in 2013 and is packed with 50 minutes of adrenaline pumping rock that gives a pretty good indication of what one can expect from a Winery Dogs concert. It features five songs from the studio album, mixed with a couple of Ritchie Kotzen originals, including "Stand" (written with the members of Poison) and a cover of Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around And Fell In Love." The energy that these three outstanding musicians put into their songs is heard in the extended soloing of songs like "Time Machine" and the closer "Desire."

The Winery Dogs are currently on a U.S. tour that runs until August. They will be hitting the east coast next weekend with a show on May 2nd at the Ridgefield Playhouse (Ridgefield, CT) and May 3rd at the State Theater (New Brunswick, NJ). For a complete list of tour dates and to pick up a copy of the new "Special Edition" of The Winery Dogs album, please visit

Friday, April 25, 2014

CD Review: Victory Records Brings On the Hardcore Attack Of Comeback Kid And The Bunny The Bear

Canadian hardcore metal band Comeback Kid return with their latest release "Die Knowing" through Victory Records. After the departure of lead singer and original founding member Scott Wade in 2007, guitarist Andrew Neufeld took over vocal duties as the band continued their growth as the premier hardcore band. The new twelve song album holds nothing back as the band comes out swinging, beginning with the chugging guitars of "Die Knowing." The screaming vocals of "Lower The Line" and the aggressiviness of "Wasted Arrows" shows that this band means business and nothing will stop them. The entire album is like one big shot of adrenaline as the band keep their foot on the gas for the quick-hitting "Should Know Better" and "Beyond." Original lead singer Scott Wade returns to lend his vocals to metal blast of "Full Swing," before Comeback Kid closes the album with shout along chorus of "Sink In."

Comeback Kid are hitting the road in Canada beginning May 1st. For a complete list of tour dates and for more information on the new album, "Die Knowing," please visit

New York duo, The Bunny The Bear continue to impress with their hardcore sound as they look for different ways to showcase their sound. This past March, they released the four-song "Acoustic EP," followed by their new studio album "Food Chain." While the EP gives us a softer, more accessible sound, the new full-length album shows us what we've come to expect from The Bunny The Bear. The album begins with the quick, snarling vocals of the title-song "Food Chain," before settling into their signature mixture of hardcore metal and pop rock appeal in "The Seeds We Sow." They show their teeth with the aggressive sound of "Pale Green Eyes," but also have a softer side with the playfulness of "A Mother's Love." The album finishes up with the more mainstream rock of "Skyscrapers" and "High Tide And Swimming Conditions."

To find out more about the latest release from The Bunny The Bear, please visit

Thursday, April 24, 2014

CD Review: Moonjune Records Unleashes New International Music

New York record label Moonjune Records is rolling out some new, exciting music that needs to be heard. On the slate to be released is the debut album from Belgian singer/pianist Susan Clynes, the long-awaited follow-up album from Catalan drummer Xavi Reija and the new album from Indonesian jazz-fusion guitar legend Dewe Budjana.

The debut album from Susan Clynes mixes together many musical styles to create a unique and attractive compilation of her talents. Beginning with "Life Is," Susan allows her voice to open the album as she is only backed by her piano on this passionate piece of modern classical music. She shows off her fun, rock n roll side on the playfulness of "Good Man," before returning to the classical appeal of "Les Larmes." She gets a little jazzy on "Ileana's Song" and experiments with her love for classical music on the instrumental "Pigeon's Intrusion." The album closes with more of Susan's exceptional piano and vocals on the showcase piece "Liner Blindness" and the layered sound of "Butterflies."

To find out more about Susan Clynes and her debut album "Life Is...," please visit

Following the success of their first live DVD, "Live At Casa Murada," Xavi Reija's jazz-fusion/rock trio are returning with their first studio album in over five years entitled "Resolution." Xavi's compositions continue to push the boundaries of music as he breaks down the barriers between jazz and rock right from the beginning with the opener "Flying To Nowhere." The trio lock into a Rush-like progressive rock groove on "Macroscope" and head straight into the jazz-fusion of "Shadow Dance." The band takes you on a journey with the ten-minute sound experiment of "Dreamer," before returning to the more conventional sounds of "Unfinished Love." Reija, along with Dusan Jetovic on guitar and Bernat Hernandez bring out their heaviest rock sound on "John's Song," before finishing with the jazziness of "Gravity" and the jammy feel of "Welcome To The End."

To find out more about Xavi Reija and his new album "Resolution," please visit

Jazz-fusion guitarist Dewa Budjana just released his third solo album for Moonjune Records entitled "Surya Namaskar." Dewa is a member of the highly successful Indonesian rock band GIGI, but enjoys his escapes in to the progressive jazz/rock. This time, Dewa is performing alongside such talented musicians as Jimmy Johnson (James Taylor) and Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting). Dewa wastes no time diving into his jazz-fusion world as he takes you along for a ride, beginning with "Fifty," which also includes the help of Gary Husband (Level 42) on synthesizer. Dewa does an amazing job letting each musician find his own space to stretch out and explore. The songs "Lamboya" and "Kalingga" are must hears as the band work as a perfect unit to achieve this musical excellence. Guitarist Michael Landau joins Dewa on guitar on the song "Surya Namaskar" to create a wonderful piece of music to relax to and enjoy.

To find out more about Dewa Budjana and his latest solo album "Surya Namaskar," please visit

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CD Review: The "Death" Of My Chemical Romance Gathers Hits Together

New from Reprise Records is the career spanning set entitled "May Death Never Stop You" from My Chemical Romance. After the announcement of the band's break-up in March of last year, the record label has been working on a "greatest hits" collection with input from the band members. The nineteen-song album includes the huge hits "Welcome To The Black Parade" and "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)," along with a few demos and a brand new song, "Fake Your Death."

Beginning with the newly released "Fake Your Death," the band's sound still has relevance in today's alternative rock market as they work their punk like edge into this mainstream pop gem. My Chemical Romance are not known as a punk band, but the early days of "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison," shows that they could be as energetic and wreckless the likes of Green Day. On the flipside, they lay their hearts out on the line for the piano ballad "Cancer." The three demos added to this compilation are raw, but show a less polished sound that should have been shown more air time on their albums.

There is also a deluxe version of this release that features two hours of never before seen music videos on DVD. Collectors will also appreciate the release of 180-gram vinyl two-LP set. To find out more, please visit

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CD Review: New Hard Rock Music From Gunpowder Gray, Mach 22 And Super Massive Black Holes

From Atlanta, GA comes the self-titled debut EP from Gunpowder Gray. The album was officially released on Record Store Day (April 19) in purple translucent vinyl. The band's hard rocking sound is heard right away in the title-song as they walk the fine line between hard rock and metal. Their music portrays a raw, hungry for attention feel as in the edgy, Buckcherry-like "Cummin' My Way." Lead singer Chris Heffernan flexes his vocal pipes during "Under The Gun," then comes screaming out like Judas Priest's Rob Halford for "Dancing With Death." The album closes with the classic feel of early Gun N Roses with "Saints."

Following the release of the new album, Gunpowder Gray has a couple shows lined-up in May in their hometown of Atlanta. To find out more about this new rising underground rock band, please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Philadelphia comes the debut album from MACH22 entitled "Sweet Talk." They are the former winners of Guitar Center's Onstage with Slash contest and their album will be self-released on May 6th. The band members are not new to the musical community having all worked with other bands, but are now ready to branch out on their own. The ten-song release begins with the head-banging, hard-hitting sound of "Constant Denier." MACH22 lock into a King's X-type vibe on "Don't You Give Me," before speeding up for the quick-pace metal romp of "Backslider." The album finishes up with the slow, mainstream rock jaunt of "One Trick Pony" and the final shot of adrenaline of "Nevermind."

MACH22 are heading out on the road in May making an appearance at this year's Rocklahoma festival. To find out more about MACH22 and their new album, please visit

From Canada comes the heavy metal Super Massive Black Holes with their full-length debut album "Calculations Of The Ancients." The album will be released on April 29th through Minotauro Records and showcases the band's talent for mixing musical genres with hard hitting metal music. Beginning with "(Sub-molecular) Transmogrification Of The Oriphy" they band are ready to take on the metal world with four minutes full of tempo changes and amazing musicianship. The band showcases some classic prog-rock roots with "Dyatlov Pass Incident," before moving on to the neck breaking attack of the "Distance Of The Great Attractor." While the musicianship is outstanding, the vocals seem like an afterthought show that they are not needed as with the enticing instrumental "Mathematics Of Emotion." The album closes with the epic journey of "Ghosts Of Bhopal" as the screaming guitars tell the story of this prog-metal masterpiece and the Pink Floydian feel of "Lift The Veils."

To find out more about Super Massive Black Holes and their new album "Calculations Of The Ancients," please visit

Monday, April 21, 2014

CD Review: Wishbone Ash And Clearlight Return With Two New Crowning Achievements

Classic rock band Wishbone Ash are celebrating their 45th anniversary this year with a brand new studio album and North American tour. The tour began April 15 in Florida and covers the U.S. Then in July they head over to Europe for a couple of rock festivals before hitting the U.K. in October and November. All this renewed energy is due to the band's new release entitled "Blue Horizon." It is their 25th studio album and the third release to feature the current line-up of Andy Powerll, Joe Crabtree, Bob Skeat and Muddy Mannien. The ten songs feel like an anthology of Wishbone Ash's recordings as all of the elements that have mad them so successful are present on this album. The prog-rock feel of the opener "Take It Back" and the fuzzy guitar shuffle of the ZZ Top sounding "Deep Blues." They slow things down for the dreamy feel of "Strange" and the adventurous lyrics of "Tally Ho!," then showcase their early days with the classic rock appeal of "Mary Jan." The album closes with the slow-burning, seven-minute build-up of "All There Is To Say."

For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about Wishbone Ash's new album "Blue Horizon," please visit

Another legendary progressive rock band with a new album is the French rockers Clearlight. Their latest release, "The Impressionist Symphony" strays far from the rock their earlier albums as the band gives a classical piece for the ages. It is Clearlight's first album of new material in over three decades and features members of the bands GONG, The Muffins, Spirits Burning and more. The music just takes hold of you and brings you on a journey through the influencial sounds of classical composers Ravel, Satie and Debussy. The album begins with a progressive feel during the opening of "Renoir En Couleur" featuring the outstanding guitar work of Steve Hillage. The wonderfully exciting piano of Cyrille Verdeaux on "Degras de la Marine" will give you shivers, before takes off with the spacey synthesizer sounds of "Van Gogh 3rd Ear." The album closes with the elegant, gentle feel of "Monet Time (duet)."

To find out more about the latest album from Clearlight, please visit

Sunday, April 20, 2014

CD Review: Folk Musician Judy Collins Feels Right At Home "In Ireland"

American folk icon Judy Collins recently released her new live album, "Live In Ireland" through Cleopatra Records on CD and on DVD. The album was recorded at Dromoland Castle in Ireland for a PBS Broadcast on September 29, 2013. The twelve song CD release features many of her classic originals mixed with cover songs and a few Irish hymns.

Her voice still sounds so strong and pure after fifty years in the music business, beginning with the Irish favorites "Wild Mountain Thyme" and "Gypsy Rover." The audience seemed very still during the powerful ballad "Barbara Allen," but things began to pick up during "Grandaddy," which featured the young step dancer Emily Ellis. Her cover of Harry Chapin's "Cat's In The Cradle" brings delight to the audience, before inviting singer Mary Black to perform with her on "She Moved Through The Fair." The album closes with the gentle covers of "Innisfree" and a stunning mostly acapella performance of "Danny Boy.

Judy Collins will be performing live from now until the end of the year. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about her new album "Live In Ireland," please visit

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CD Review: Friends Paying Tribute To Bob Dylan Gets Remastered For Deluxe Edition

For one night back in 1992 some of the biggest talented musicians of all-time gathered at New York's Madison Square Garden to pay tribute to the one and only Bob Dylan. The concert celebrated the "30th Anniversary" of Bob Dylan's debut into the music industry. In 1993, Columbia Records released a video and a live album from the top performances from that evening and the album went gold, selling over 500,000 copies. Now after twenty years have passed since that original release and the format that the concert was released on became outdated and was definitely overdue for an upgrade. So, on March 4th, Columbia Records and Legacy Recording released a new High Definition video of the concert on DVD and on Blu-ray. Also, the audio was remastered for a newly released 2CD set, all with bonus material not included on the original release.

The 2DVD and Blu-ray sets include a stunning visual documentary of that evening that has never looked, or sounded better. Other than the aged clothing and hairstyles, you would have thought that this concert happened only last year, that's how good it looks. Along with the original 220 minute concert, is 40 minutes of bonus "Behind The Scenes" features as well as three brand-new, never before released performances. Fans will love viewing the rehearsal footage and hearing all the interviews with some of the performers and how Bob Dylan's music influenced them. Some of the more memorable moments of the show is the acoustic version of "Masters Of War" performed by Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready and Sinead O'Conner going off-script shouting the lyrics of "War" to a booing crowd only to be consoled by Kris Kristofferson.

The newly remastered 2-CD set sounds exceptional and includes two bonus songs not on the original release. While the audio set never contained the entire concert, Columbia Records did their best to choose the best songs to represent that evening's event. Included on this set, for the first time, are two rehearsals, one from Eric Clapton performing "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" and the other from Sinead O'Conner's "I Believe In You." Both performances were significantly different from the live versions performed that evening. It is also great to hear many of the musicians that have passed on since this concert, in their prime like George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed, Richie Havens and members of The Band and The Clancy Brothers.

This well-deserved upgrade reminds us how important Bob Dylan's music and song-writing was to the development of rock music and the politics of our nation. Bob Dylan was never shy about speaking or singing his mind and to hear all the great musicians pay tribute to him, shows that his music is timeless and is attractive to everyone in one form or another.

Friday, April 18, 2014

CD Review: Sevendust Return With The Lighter Sounds Of "Time Travelers & Bonfires"

Atlanta metal band Sevendust are following up their #1 album "Black Out The Sun" with the unconventional, mostly acoustic release entitled "Time Travelers & Bonfires." The album was released on April 15 through 7brothers Records and matches six new songs along with six re-recorded past songs in an acoustic setting.

The album starts out with the six new songs, beginning with "Come Down," which sounds as if the music is being held back by the acoustic aspects and at any moment can open up and rock. The band adds some extra energy with the guitar solo of "Under It All," but quickly returns to the unplugged setting of "The Wait." The real excitement is on the second half of this release with the re-workings of some of Sevendust's most well known songs like "Denial" and "Crucified." The band also takes on the lesser known gems like the uptempo rocker "Gone" and the deep passion of "Trust." The album closes with the first album released single "Black," which still carries the band's edgy rock feel with the volume lowered.

Sevendust are currently on a U.S. tour that will run until August. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "Time Travelers & Bonfires," please visit

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CD Review: New Death Metal Concept Album Comes From Hell

One of the latest heavy metal supergroups is From Hell, and it features members from Slayer, Death Angel and Testament.  Their debut album "Ascent From Hell" is the first death metal concept album of 2014 and is not for the weak. Lead singer George Anderson is the narrator of this horror story as he draws upon the early influences of King Diamond.

The 10-song release is seventy-minutes of hard hitting death metal beginning with the dark, hellish instrumental introduction "Standing At The Mouth Of Hell," which leads into the motoring rhythm of "The Walking Dead." The album really takes off with the ringing guitars of the eight-and-a-half minute "Psycho Killer" as the vocals and drums seem to make your speakers bleed. The epic sounding "Eyes Of My Dead" puts you in the middle of the story as the characters clash in this great metal piece. From Hell change tempos with "The Church" as you feel like you are asending with the chorus. The album (and story) close with the crunching guitars of "Ascent From Hell" as the band looks to motor to the finish line with the evilness of "The Sleep."

The album was released on April 8th through Scourge Records and the band is currently setting up dates for their summer/fall tour. To find out more about From Hell and the new album "Ascent From Hell," please visit

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DVD Review: Kathleen Hanna Gives Her Life Story To The Newly Released "Punk Singer"

New from IFC Films comes the documentary, "Punk Singer" about the life and career of Kathleen Hanna. She was one of the leaders of the feminist punk rock movement in the late eighties and early nineties with her band Bikini Kill. Her views of women's power spread like wildfire throughout the music community and this film follows her from the formation of her first band to the tribute concert in her honor over twenty years after. This film also touches upon her illness that brought an abrupt end to her most popular band Le Tigre and almost her entire singing career.

Director Sini Anderson does a masterful job mixing in home videos and film clips from Hanna's past live performances along with recent interviews with fellow bandmates. Anderson also interviews other female rock icons Joan Jett and Kim Gordon on how much Kathleen Hanna and her music made an impact on how women were viewed in music. Kathleen proudly talks about how her band Bikini Kill befriended Nirvana before the rise of grunge music and her impact with the feminist magazine Riot Grrl.

One of the most shocking things about Kathleen's story is when her illness affected her life and her music. Also her husband, Beastie Boys Adam Horowitz gives input into her personal life and how their relationship flourished and how he has helped Kathleen get back into music with her latest band The Julie Ruin.

The film premiered at 2013's SXSW festival and still has showings in theaters around the U.S. The film won the "Women in Cinema Lena Sharpe Award" for director Sini Anderson and was also nominated for the "Best Documentary" at Chlotrudis Awards. "The Punk Singer" was recently released on DVD on March 25th. To find out more, please visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CD Review: Audio Fidelity Contines To Impress With New Releases From Heart, Barry White And Peter, Paul & Mary

The highly collectible music label Audio Fidelity is ready to roll out some new titles to add to their ever-growing database. It's hard to question their selections, when the music sounds so great, but this time around Audio Fidelity picks Heart's "Magazine" and Peter, Paul and Mary's self-titled debut album. Two albums that became early benchmarks in the long career's of each of these bands. Also new from Audio Fidelity is the sweet virgin vinyl release of Barry White's landmark album "Can't Get Enough."

There is some controversy that surrounds Heart's album, "Magazine." It was originally released as the band's second album, without their consent. The record company got a hold of some of the demos and outtakes from the sessions and complied an album for release in 1977. It was later pulled and reworked by the band and re-released again (properly) in 1978, which followed their break-through album "Little Queenie." This album showed a bluesier, harder rocking side to the band's sound, beginning with the sharp, revenge song "Heartless." While lead singer Ann Wilson and sister, guitarist Nancy Wilson were always in the forefront of the songs, with this new SACD remaster, you can fully appreciate the musicians surrounding them. The pounding drums of Michael DeRosier gives "Devil Delight" a Zeppleinesque feel, while the string section on "Just The Wine," brings out the best in the Wilson sisters' songwriting. The two live songs that are featured on this album, "Mother Earth Blues" and "I've Got The Music In Me," I feel benefit the most from this new SACD release. Listening to these two songs through a pair of good headphones make you feel like you are in the audience for these performances. The album was mastered by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering.

The debut album from Peter, Paul & Mary, also mastered by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering, allows the mastering of the Audio Fidelity CD to perfectly hear the harmonizing between their voices. The album uses minimal instrumentation as the occasional acoustic guitar appears to keep rhythm, but their voices on gentle feel of "Sorrow" gives that warm feel from your speakers. The quick strumming of the storied lyrics of "If I Had My Way" shows Peter, Paul & Mary's gospel/folk/rock qualities as they are preaching from the mountain. The album's two singles, "Lemon Tree" and "If I Had A Hammer" never sounded better as each vocal is heard in it's own space without the distortion of instrumentation.

Barry White's album, "Can't Get Enough" is filled to the brim with "love." Four of the five full-length songs, with vocals, feature the word "love" in its title and Barry's voice is undeniable when the mood is right. Audio Fidelity took this album, which was last remastered almost 20 years ago and turned it into one of the "must have" records on vinyl. White's orchestra on "I Can't Believe You Love Me" sounds so warm and smooth that you may never go back to your CD version again. White's deep vocals on "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" shake the speakers and still sounds as genuine as the day they were recorded. To also help on the sound is the fact that this album was pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl and Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

To find out more about these outstanding new releases from Audio Fidelity, please visit

Monday, April 14, 2014

CD Review: British Band Auburn Returns With Sounds Of "Nashville"

From the U.K. comes the latest album from the newly reformed British Americana band Auburn. The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary after being apart for almost a decade and have recently toured with the legendary Jefferson Starship on their most recent U.K. tour.

The new 12-song album begins with the smoky, jazz feel of "Sitia Bay" as you can instantly recognize the truly original tone of lead singer Liz Lenten's voice. Her vocals on "Hurting" sounds so pure and gentle that you feel a sort of comfort in the music being projected from your speakers. They pick up the tempo for the country sounding "Crazy People," before reverting back to the smooth, mellow touch of "Pride Is A Theif." The groove of "Full To The Brim" is so attractive and Liz's vocals put it over the top as the must hear song of the album. Auburn finish up with the acoustic, heartfelt caress of "Leaving Day" and the slow country-jaunt of "I'm Lost."

The album was released back in January and hit #1 on the U.K. Americana chart and #7 on the Global Americana chart. To find out more about Auburn and the new album, "Nashville," please visit

Sunday, April 13, 2014

CD Review: The Oak Ridge Boys Spend The "Night Out" With First Ever Live Album

One of the last surviving groups of classic country music is The Oak Ridge Boys. They have been around since the late 1940s, with their first album being released in 1958. They topped the charts in 1981 with the song "Elvira," but have never released a live album, until now. On April 15th, Cleopatra Records will release "Boys Night Out," which feature many of their best songs performed live on tour in 2013.

The fourteen song album begins with the country gospel sing along of "You're The One," then they head into one of their seventeen country chart toppers "American Made." The Boys rock out on "Love Song" as they sound as if they enjoy performing live together as a tight unit. They travel back to the seventies with a few of their classic hits "Y'all Come Back Saloon," "Sail Away" and "Dream On," before approaching their hey day with the eighties songs "Come On In" and "Make My Life With You." The album closes with two of The Oak Ridge Boys' biggest hits "Elvira" and "Bobby Sue." The crowd gets into it as The Boys sound timeless singing their greatest songs.

The Oak Ridge Boys show no signs of slowing down as they have live dates running through the rest of the year and into 2015. To find out more about their new live album "Boys Night Out," please visit

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Concert Review: Stryper Relives The Glory Days With Rescheduled Show At Mohegan Sun

Christian metal band Stryper is celebrating thirty years together as a band and they began their U.S. tour Friday night at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun. The band was not accepted in the mainstream right away as their songs spoke of worship and reflection of Christianity, that was until their 1986 break-through album "To Hell With The Devil." That album spawned the hits "Calling On You," "Free" and "Honestly" and earned platinum status selling over one million copies, with the help of their music videos on MTV. After disappearing for most of the 1990's, Stryper returned in 2005 with a new album ("Reborn") and a new sense of purpose to spread the word through rock music.

The show at the Wolf Den was a "make-up" show that the band was supposed to perform back in January, but was cancelled then due to a snow storm. Now, with no storms stopping them, Stryper fans filed into the small, club-like area in the middle of the casino to relive their youth.

The Stryper boys came out blazing, beginning with two songs off their newly released album "No More Hell To Pay." The band quickly gave the fans what they came to see as they dove back into their catalog for the 1984 single "Loud 'N' Clear," followed by "Reach Out." Lead singer/guitarist Michael Sweet was mostly known for his exceptional singing voice as he can still hit the high falsettos when the songs like "Free" and "Rock That Makes Me Roll" called for it.

After being label a "hair metal" band, Stryper set out to prove critics wrong as they were a pure hard rock band and that they could play as heavy as any metal band. A couple of the lesser known songs that evening proved that point, beginning with the heavy drumming of "Marching Into Battle" and "All For One," from their lesser known "Against The Law" album. At many rock concerts, most of the time the guitarists will toss guitar picks into the audience, well not only was their guitar picks flying, but Michael Sweet, along with drummer Robert Sweet, would also toss out miniature bibles into the crowd.

Stryper snuck in a cover of newly Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductees' Kiss with "Shout It Out Loud," which threw off many in the audience, not knowing it wasn't one of their own songs. Lead guitarist Oz Fox ripped through an electrifying solo in "The Way," and the band finished their set with the fan favorite "To Hell With The Devil," before leaving the stage.

The encore began with the rarely played "Sing Along Song," which was requested by a slightly annoying fan who was shouting for them to play it the entire night. Michael Sweet took control of the microphone, (and the audience) closing with the MTV hit single "Always There For You" and the early day rocker "Soldiers Under Command."

While the band may have been known for their yellow and black wardrobe and "hair metal" rock preaching, Stryper have continued to be a force in the rock community. The amount of energy they put into their live shows and their classic metal sound is something that their fans can be proud to have been a part of.

Setlist: Legacy, No More Hell To Pay, Loud 'N' Clear, Reach Out, Calling On You, Free, More Than A Man, Marching Into Battle, The Rock That Makes Me Roll, Shout It Out Loud, All For One, The Way, To Hell With The Devil
Encore: Sing Along Song, Always There For You, Soldiers Under Command

Friday, April 11, 2014

CD Review: Gary Chapman Returns With Friends To Bring Out "The Truth"

Award-winning Christian country artist Gary Chapman recently released his 12th album entitled "The Truth." It has been over ten years since his last release, "Circles And Seasons" and during that time, Chapman got divorced (2007) and remarried (2008). Since that time him and his wife became involved in many charity organizations, but he never lost his love for making music.

The new 16-song release begins with the pure country sounds of "Freedom" as Chapman's voice reflects a younger Kris Kristofferson. Chapman invited a few friends along to help out on this album, beginning with Grammy award-winning artists Alison Krauss. Her vocals in the background help strengthen Chapman's voice when his reaches for those high notes. His songwriting shines with the prayer-type lyrics of "How Great A God" and with the subtle preaching of "Widow Of The South." Chapman and new wife Cassie sing together on the heartfelt "All About A Baby," before displaying his life within a song in "Everything I Know." Country superstar Rebecca Lynn Howard joins him for the gospel feel of "When I Say" and then country legend Tanya Tucker and John Rich (Big & Rich) help The Rough Crowd."

To find out more about Gary Chapman's latest album "The Truth," please visit

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CD Review: Foster The People Return With Their Highly Anticipated New Album

California indie-pop/rock band Foster The People return with the follow-up to their gold-selling, top ten debut album "Torches." The new release, "Supermodel" was released on March 18th and debuted at #3 on the Billboard Album Chart. The album is a bit of an escape from the lighter pop sound of "Torches," but shows the band's more sophisticated side.

The album begins with guitars buzzing and the shaking rhythm of "Are You What You Want To Be?" as the song carries a big, shout-out-loud chorus. They keep the tempo going with the up-beat "Ask Yourself," before hitting the album's first single "Coming Of Age." The song carries a seventies, west coast rock sound with an injection of youthfulness. The album's second single "Pseudologia Fantastica," has a darker tone and is the most experimental that we've seen Foster The People be with their music. The latest single, "Best Friend" is their most attractive single as it draws from elements of eighties pop and nineties dancehall beats. The album finishes with the gentle sounds of "Fire Escape."

Foster The People are currently on tour. They will be heading over to Europe at the end of June before returning for Lollapalooza in August. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about the new album "Supermodel," please visit

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CD Review: Banshee Bones Releases The "Birds" And Everythings "Fine" For Heavy Glow

From LA comes the latest album from hard rockers Banshee Bones entitled "Birds Of Prey," produced by Bruce Witkin (Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson). As each band member is a graduate of prestigious music schools, Banshee Bones has become their outlet for heavy metal music. The album gets things moving quickly with "Dark Depths" which carries a System Of A Down-vibe, while "Dead People" hits hard with its shout along chorus and pounding metal drumming. Banshee Bones keeps the adrenaline pumping with the heaviness of "Hello Dear" and their music gets grittier on "Wolf Like Me." The band look to break into the mainstream with the hard rock radio sounds of "Weighted In Gold," before closing the album with the short, eerie sounds of "Death & Rebirth."
To find out more about Banshee Bones and their new album, "Birds of Prey" please visit their Facebook page at

San Diego's Heavy Glow return with only their second full-length album entitled "Pearls And Swine And Everything Fine." For this album, the band have "plugged-in" to the heart and soul of classic rock music, drawing influences from everyone from Vanilla Fudge to Iggy and The Stooges. The album was produced by Michael Patterson (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Beck) and Nic Jodoion (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), who help the band hone their hard rock sound. The album opens with the blistering hard rock groove of "45 Shakedown" as the trio works together to create an exceptional sound. Heavy Glow also keep some of that rawness of their early records on "Look What You're Doing To Me." The band gets bluesy on the Cream-like sound of "Fat Cat" and add a little soul their modern rocker "Domino (Black Flowers)." The album closes with the energy-fueled rhythm of "Nerve Endings" and the Detroit inspired rhythm and soul of "Headhunter."

To find out more about Heavy Glow and their new album "Pearl And Swine And Everything Fine," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CD Review: Bloodshot Records Releases Indie Magic, While Akasha Finds "Joy" With New Album

From North Carolina comes the brother and sister duo of Dexter Romweber and Sara Romweber, better known as the Dex Romweber Duo. They recently released their latest album "Images 13" back in March and they have been receiving praise from the likes of Jack White (White Stripes) who calls them "a huge influence on my music." The album begins with the raw, reckless, outlaw country rock appeal of "Roll On" and "Long Battle Coming." Dex's vocals slither around "Baby I Know What It's Like To Be Alone," then does an identical cover of The Who's sixties single, "So Sad About Us." He tries singing like Elvis Presley on the country ballad "I Don't Want To Listen" then works the classic country angle with "Beyond The Moonlight." The album closes with the surf guitar attack of "Blue Surf" and the sci-fi, spacey sound of "Weird (Aurora Borealis)."

The Dex Romweber Duo have a handful of shows lined up along the southern east coast. To find out more about the new album "Images 13," please visit

Next, from Nashville comes the latest album from Bobby Bare, Jr. (son of Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare) entitled "Undefeated." He and his band, Young Criminals' Starvation League blast through ten songs with a sense of purpose. Bobby Jr. does not take any of his musical career for granted as he sets out to make his own way. The album begins with the alternative country rock of "North of Alabama By Mornin'" as the song's groove becomes very addictive. Bobby leaves the country genre for the modern alternative rock appeal of "The Big Time" and allows his vocal style to shine through on the pop/rock feel of "Undefeated." Bobby and the band seem much more relaxed on this album as displayed in the playful sounds of "My Baby Took My Baby Away." The album finishes up with the acoustic sing along "As Forever Became Never Again" and the aggressive sixties rock of "Don't Stand At The Stove."

Bobby Bare, Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation League are hitting the road on April 15 for a two month U.S. tour. To find out more, please visit

From Chicago comes the new album from reggae/pop band Akasha entitled "Joy Song." The thumping bass and gentle vocals allows the listener to get lost amongst the island-vibe of the opener "Recipe For Love." Their music, (as with Bob Marley's) gets a shot of adrenaline when discussing politics as in "Start A Revolution." Bloodshot Records artist JC Brooks lends a hand on the cover of PM Dawn's "I'd Die Without You," which still carries the dreamy feel of the original. The band looks to rock that "Lil' Black Dress" and tread into R&B territory with "When You Lift Me" as they take a step back from their reggae sound a bit of soul to their sound.

The new album was released back in March. To find out more, please visit

Monday, April 7, 2014

CD Review: Indie Artists From Across The Country Making Some Great New Tunes

From California comes the electronic rock duo known as Future Us with their debut EP "We Are Future Us." The seven song album begins with the attractive, raw alternative rock of "No Good," before slowing down for the quiet burn pop appeal of "On My Mind." The band gets a little funky with the beats of "Ride" and "In Your Kiss," before showing attitude with the electronics of "Swooning."

To find out more about Future Us, please visit

From Massachuettes comes The Van Burens with "Presidental Lovefest," which is the band's latest release aimed at political humor. The music is highly addictive, while the band aims their humor at targets like Richard Nixon in "Tricky Dick" and Ronald Reagan with the reggae feel of "Reagan." The horns leads the groove, while the piano solo gives the song its substance during "Lee Harvey," before the album closes with "LBJ" as the band play around with their sound on this "lovefest."

To find out more about The Van Burens, please visit

New music from Boswell, a five-piece band from Austin, TX, is their debut album featuring the wonderful vocals of Melanie Heide. Their music touches upon the early days of rock from the 50's, 60's and 70's, covering everyone from The Beatles to Pasty Cline to Led Zeppelin. The new album starts off with the slow build-up of the title song, "Beryllium" as the band lures you in with their melodic tones. The sixties come alive with the sounds of Jefferson Airplane in "No, Miser!" and the bluesy hard rock of "Statue Of Venus." The album closes with a a cover of The Beatles' "Oh Darling," which sways with a purpose to impress.

To find out more about Boswell, please visit

From Wisconsin comes the latest album from The Heart Pills entitled "Gunfighter." It is the band's most complete album to date and showcases their musical growth since the early EPs back in 2009. They begin with the raw, garage rock of "Concrete" and head over to the alternative pop of "Cowboy." The punk-like feel of "Cabaret Lady" and the pounding drums of "Mermaid Song" draws similarities to the early days of The White Stripes. The eleven-minute "Radio Play Intro" seems out of place on this release, but still deserves your attention.

To find out more about The Heart Pills, please visit their Facebook page at

Sunday, April 6, 2014

CD Review: New Music From Seasoned Artists Seth Adam And Dave Hart Along With Daughter Emma

Connecticut native Seth Adam will be releasing his third studio album, "Steel Tempered Pride" on April 15th. This singer/songwriter seems to get better with each release. His last album "Amplify," received rave reviews along the indie circuit and his lyrics feel very true and heartfelt. The new ten-song album begins with the quick-strumming acoustic alt-country/folk  of "Old Broken Ladder," which feels like an outtake from the Grateful Dead's "American Beauty" album. Seth voice is so warm and welcoming that you feel yourself getting lost in his stories as in "Troubled Times" and "New York City Bound." He doesn't forget to plug in for the straight up rock of "Thank You, Chicago" and the bluesy sway of "These Pills." The album closes with the up-tempo rocker "People Are Only Going To Break Your Heart" and the sixties pop feel of "Tired."

Seth Adam and his band will be heading out on an Northeast tour with stops in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut. To find out more about Seth and his new album "Steel Tempered Pride," please visit

The father/daughter duo of Dave & Emma Hart will be releasing their debut album "Hold On" on April 29th through Outoftown Records. Dave Hart has been a part of the music industry for over 25 years as a composer for television commercials and documentaries. Emma had her first violin recital at age 5 and never looked back. Emma studied violin under the jazz great Sara Caswell and discovered her voice singing on the demo of the title-song "Hold On." The six-song album begins with the bluegrass feel of "A Shadow Behind" as the wonderful music just surrounds you. Emma's voice is so innocent and fresh that you would never guess this was her first album. The musicianship on this album is outstanding as Dave allows his daughter's talents to breathe on the instrumental "Little Emma" and in the David Grisman cover "Opus 57." Dave Hart lays his feelings out there on the loving lyrics of "Remember Me."

To find out more about this rising Americana duo, please visit

Saturday, April 5, 2014

CD Review: Kirsten Miranda Covers The Standards In "Double Time," While Aarom Comess Hits Harder With The "Blues"

California jazz vocalist Kristen Miranda recently released her second album "Double Time" on March 15th through SBK Records. The album was produced by Bud Spangler and includes an all-star cast of session musicians. The album mixes in some originals amongst a sea of very famous cover songs, beginning with up-beat, hop of "I Feel Pretty" and the gentle touch of "Over The Rainbow." Sandwiched between these two unforgettable performances is the original song "Joe's Place." The song allows Kristen and the band to push each other's performances to their best. Her voice sounds magical on "Where Or When" as it leads the band through the song's sultry feel of the lyrics. The be-bop tempo of "Bye Bye Blackbird" allows the band to showcase their musicianship while Kristen's vocals on "Autumn Leaves" enwrap you with her magical touch.

To find out more about Kristen Miranda and her new CD "Double Time," please be sure to visit

Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess returned to the studio after celebrating the band's 25th anniversary with a tour and a new album. Now, Comess is ready to release his new full-length entitled "Blues For Use." The album showcases a harder rock sound with "Gorilla," which is similar to the early days of heavy metal music when bands like Blue Cheer and Steppenwolf were feeling their way around the new genre. The band is locked into the groove that could play on for hours. Comess and his new bandmates, Teddy Kumpel and Ricahrd Hammond venture toward the progressive rock side with "Bajilirious," before switching over to the lighter feel of the Americana sounding "Blues For Use."

To find out more about Aaron Comess' new album, please visit

Friday, April 4, 2014

CD Review: New EPs From California's Oak Street Blues And Connecticut's Mike San

From Southern California comes the return of Oak Street Blues with their new EP entitled "Calico." The band combines west coast rock with pop alternative to create a fun, upbeat, infectious sound. There new six-song album begins with a countrified version of a hip-hop song that has never existed, "Gangster Party." The song becomes more addicting every time you hear it as the chorus is "sing along" ready and the band just gives a stellar performance. Oak Street Blues return to more familiar territory with their light, pop-rock on "Do You Want To Dance Tonight" and "Rock Show." This short release finishes up with the feeling we all have every year "Why Does Summer Have To End" as it perfectly closes this latest release by the band.

Oak Street Blues have only one show on their schedule at the moment, but their new album is available now. To find out more, please visit
Connecticut native Mike San recently release his debut EP entitled "Like Water." Mike San, also known as Mike Goldberg, released four other albums under the name Musical Mandalas, which were more indie-rock, while this album explores his singer/songwriter side. The six-song EP begins with the gentle piano led "It's Only Right," before continuing to explore his pop tendencies with "Burn This Night" as he gently treads on new musical ground. Mike San experiments with his classical side on this album as show in "Pick Me Up" and in the slow-building album closer "This Is It."

To find out more about Mike San and his new album "Like Water," please visit


Thursday, April 3, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Hard Rock Music Coming From One And Social 66

From Montreal, Canada comes the latest album from ONE entitled "Worlds Collide." The album was release on April 1st through their newly signed deal with Pavement Entertainment. The album's lead single is a cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," which the band has been performing live for over two years and figured it was about time to release a metal version of the song. The thirteen song release begins with the heavy pounding of "Tomorrows Not Too Late" and the adrenaline pumping hard rocking eighties appeal of "Dirty Little Secret." The boys slow down the tempo for the mainstream rock ballads "Never Live For Today" and "I Want You To Know," before pressing the pedal down on the guitar driven "Daddy (I Don't Want To Be Like You)." The album finishes up with the arena rocker "We Are One" and the aforementioned metal cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues."

To find out more about ONE and their new album "Worlds Collide," please visit

From the Southeast comes the self-titled debut album from Social 66. The album was also released on April 1st through Pavement Entertainment. The band have a heavy sound that borders between hard rock and metal with enough energy to put it over the top with its pulsating rhythms and blazing guitars. The album's lead single "Sorry" carries that signature metal guitar groove, while the vocals take a back seat to the song's aggressive tone. The songs "Until We Fade" and "One In The Same" show the album taking a more mainstream rock approach, but also keeping their rough, edgier sound. The most attractive metal songs on the album come at the end, with the dark tones of "Struggle" and "Memory Born To Die."

To find out more about this amazing new metal band, please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CD Review: New Indie-Rock Music Imported From Around The World

From the U.K., comes the latest EP from new metal rockers Set To Rise. After two years of performing live along the Southeast section of England, the band decided to enter the studio with a few songs in mind to record. First up is the punk/metal attack of "Because Of You," which sounds like a cross between the Sex Pistols and Rage Against The Machine without Tom Morello's guitar scratching. The band becomes more aggressive on the nu-metal feel of "Lost" and show their metal prowness on "Forgetting Me," before closing with a couple live songs, the Kid Rock sounding "Taken" and a cover of Rage Against The Machine's "Sleep Now In The Fire."

To find out more about this new underground metal band, please visit

Also from the U.K. comes the new album from one of England's leading underground metal band Neuronspoiler. The new album "Emergence" was released back in January and the band are ready to "Take The Stage" with the new single. The song has that classic NWOBHM sound and is full of energy that is perfectly executed by frontman JR. They have all the right elements for worldwide success and has received praise from members of Iron Maiden and Dragonforce. The band also shows their influence from some of the hair metal bands from the late-eighties like Stryper and Steelheart, on the electrifying sound of "Irreverent" and the epic feel of "Dying Worlds."

To find out more about Neuronspoiler, please visit

From Budapest, Hungary, comes new music from European metal band Unseen Dreams. Their new three-song EP entitled "Bleary Crossroads" shows this new metal band in top form, beginning with the epic, power-metal of "Distance" as vocalist Szilvia Kora leads the way. They tap the mainstream hard rock vein with "Bleary Crossroads," then wrap things up with the orchestrated metal attack of "The Dream Treader."

To find out more about Unseen Dreams, please visit

From Mexico City comes the latest album from Killvan entitled "Spine Damage." The twelve songs that make up the album are a mix of alternative rock, pop and folk with a sense of sounding timeless. The album opens with the two-minute string instrumental "White Wall," before getting down to business with the attractive mainstream feel of "Rocket To The Moon." They add a little local flavor to "Faithless" and turn on the charm on the acoustic folk reeling of "Hide Away." Killvan show another side to their sound with the quick psychedelic trip of "Jean." The album finishes up with the garage rock of "Isolation Aisle" and the acoustic pop of "Not Now."

To find out more about Killvan, please visit their Facebook page at

For one final blast of energy, we get the latest EP from the Denmark heavy thrash metal band Electric Hellride. Former winners of the Danish edition of the W.O.A. Metal Battle, this is the first new music from the band since their 2012 debut album "Hate. Control. Manipulate." The opener "Master Inferno" is a mess of aggressive chaos as chants of the chorus keeps the song in-line. They continue to blast away your eardrums and bash in your brains with the power drumming of "High Profanity," before closing with the tempo changes of "Phosphorus."

To find out more about Electric Hellride, please visit