Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CD Review: Banshee Bones Releases The "Birds" And Everythings "Fine" For Heavy Glow

From LA comes the latest album from hard rockers Banshee Bones entitled "Birds Of Prey," produced by Bruce Witkin (Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson). As each band member is a graduate of prestigious music schools, Banshee Bones has become their outlet for heavy metal music. The album gets things moving quickly with "Dark Depths" which carries a System Of A Down-vibe, while "Dead People" hits hard with its shout along chorus and pounding metal drumming. Banshee Bones keeps the adrenaline pumping with the heaviness of "Hello Dear" and their music gets grittier on "Wolf Like Me." The band look to break into the mainstream with the hard rock radio sounds of "Weighted In Gold," before closing the album with the short, eerie sounds of "Death & Rebirth."
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San Diego's Heavy Glow return with only their second full-length album entitled "Pearls And Swine And Everything Fine." For this album, the band have "plugged-in" to the heart and soul of classic rock music, drawing influences from everyone from Vanilla Fudge to Iggy and The Stooges. The album was produced by Michael Patterson (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Beck) and Nic Jodoion (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), who help the band hone their hard rock sound. The album opens with the blistering hard rock groove of "45 Shakedown" as the trio works together to create an exceptional sound. Heavy Glow also keep some of that rawness of their early records on "Look What You're Doing To Me." The band gets bluesy on the Cream-like sound of "Fat Cat" and add a little soul their modern rocker "Domino (Black Flowers)." The album closes with the energy-fueled rhythm of "Nerve Endings" and the Detroit inspired rhythm and soul of "Headhunter."

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