Saturday, April 5, 2014

CD Review: Kirsten Miranda Covers The Standards In "Double Time," While Aarom Comess Hits Harder With The "Blues"

California jazz vocalist Kristen Miranda recently released her second album "Double Time" on March 15th through SBK Records. The album was produced by Bud Spangler and includes an all-star cast of session musicians. The album mixes in some originals amongst a sea of very famous cover songs, beginning with up-beat, hop of "I Feel Pretty" and the gentle touch of "Over The Rainbow." Sandwiched between these two unforgettable performances is the original song "Joe's Place." The song allows Kristen and the band to push each other's performances to their best. Her voice sounds magical on "Where Or When" as it leads the band through the song's sultry feel of the lyrics. The be-bop tempo of "Bye Bye Blackbird" allows the band to showcase their musicianship while Kristen's vocals on "Autumn Leaves" enwrap you with her magical touch.

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Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess returned to the studio after celebrating the band's 25th anniversary with a tour and a new album. Now, Comess is ready to release his new full-length entitled "Blues For Use." The album showcases a harder rock sound with "Gorilla," which is similar to the early days of heavy metal music when bands like Blue Cheer and Steppenwolf were feeling their way around the new genre. The band is locked into the groove that could play on for hours. Comess and his new bandmates, Teddy Kumpel and Ricahrd Hammond venture toward the progressive rock side with "Bajilirious," before switching over to the lighter feel of the Americana sounding "Blues For Use."

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