Thursday, April 24, 2014

CD Review: Moonjune Records Unleashes New International Music

New York record label Moonjune Records is rolling out some new, exciting music that needs to be heard. On the slate to be released is the debut album from Belgian singer/pianist Susan Clynes, the long-awaited follow-up album from Catalan drummer Xavi Reija and the new album from Indonesian jazz-fusion guitar legend Dewe Budjana.

The debut album from Susan Clynes mixes together many musical styles to create a unique and attractive compilation of her talents. Beginning with "Life Is," Susan allows her voice to open the album as she is only backed by her piano on this passionate piece of modern classical music. She shows off her fun, rock n roll side on the playfulness of "Good Man," before returning to the classical appeal of "Les Larmes." She gets a little jazzy on "Ileana's Song" and experiments with her love for classical music on the instrumental "Pigeon's Intrusion." The album closes with more of Susan's exceptional piano and vocals on the showcase piece "Liner Blindness" and the layered sound of "Butterflies."

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Following the success of their first live DVD, "Live At Casa Murada," Xavi Reija's jazz-fusion/rock trio are returning with their first studio album in over five years entitled "Resolution." Xavi's compositions continue to push the boundaries of music as he breaks down the barriers between jazz and rock right from the beginning with the opener "Flying To Nowhere." The trio lock into a Rush-like progressive rock groove on "Macroscope" and head straight into the jazz-fusion of "Shadow Dance." The band takes you on a journey with the ten-minute sound experiment of "Dreamer," before returning to the more conventional sounds of "Unfinished Love." Reija, along with Dusan Jetovic on guitar and Bernat Hernandez bring out their heaviest rock sound on "John's Song," before finishing with the jazziness of "Gravity" and the jammy feel of "Welcome To The End."

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Jazz-fusion guitarist Dewa Budjana just released his third solo album for Moonjune Records entitled "Surya Namaskar." Dewa is a member of the highly successful Indonesian rock band GIGI, but enjoys his escapes in to the progressive jazz/rock. This time, Dewa is performing alongside such talented musicians as Jimmy Johnson (James Taylor) and Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting). Dewa wastes no time diving into his jazz-fusion world as he takes you along for a ride, beginning with "Fifty," which also includes the help of Gary Husband (Level 42) on synthesizer. Dewa does an amazing job letting each musician find his own space to stretch out and explore. The songs "Lamboya" and "Kalingga" are must hears as the band work as a perfect unit to achieve this musical excellence. Guitarist Michael Landau joins Dewa on guitar on the song "Surya Namaskar" to create a wonderful piece of music to relax to and enjoy.

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