Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CD Review: New Indie-Rock Music Imported From Around The World

From the U.K., comes the latest EP from new metal rockers Set To Rise. After two years of performing live along the Southeast section of England, the band decided to enter the studio with a few songs in mind to record. First up is the punk/metal attack of "Because Of You," which sounds like a cross between the Sex Pistols and Rage Against The Machine without Tom Morello's guitar scratching. The band becomes more aggressive on the nu-metal feel of "Lost" and show their metal prowness on "Forgetting Me," before closing with a couple live songs, the Kid Rock sounding "Taken" and a cover of Rage Against The Machine's "Sleep Now In The Fire."

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Also from the U.K. comes the new album from one of England's leading underground metal band Neuronspoiler. The new album "Emergence" was released back in January and the band are ready to "Take The Stage" with the new single. The song has that classic NWOBHM sound and is full of energy that is perfectly executed by frontman JR. They have all the right elements for worldwide success and has received praise from members of Iron Maiden and Dragonforce. The band also shows their influence from some of the hair metal bands from the late-eighties like Stryper and Steelheart, on the electrifying sound of "Irreverent" and the epic feel of "Dying Worlds."

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From Budapest, Hungary, comes new music from European metal band Unseen Dreams. Their new three-song EP entitled "Bleary Crossroads" shows this new metal band in top form, beginning with the epic, power-metal of "Distance" as vocalist Szilvia Kora leads the way. They tap the mainstream hard rock vein with "Bleary Crossroads," then wrap things up with the orchestrated metal attack of "The Dream Treader."

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From Mexico City comes the latest album from Killvan entitled "Spine Damage." The twelve songs that make up the album are a mix of alternative rock, pop and folk with a sense of sounding timeless. The album opens with the two-minute string instrumental "White Wall," before getting down to business with the attractive mainstream feel of "Rocket To The Moon." They add a little local flavor to "Faithless" and turn on the charm on the acoustic folk reeling of "Hide Away." Killvan show another side to their sound with the quick psychedelic trip of "Jean." The album finishes up with the garage rock of "Isolation Aisle" and the acoustic pop of "Not Now."

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For one final blast of energy, we get the latest EP from the Denmark heavy thrash metal band Electric Hellride. Former winners of the Danish edition of the W.O.A. Metal Battle, this is the first new music from the band since their 2012 debut album "Hate. Control. Manipulate." The opener "Master Inferno" is a mess of aggressive chaos as chants of the chorus keeps the song in-line. They continue to blast away your eardrums and bash in your brains with the power drumming of "High Profanity," before closing with the tempo changes of "Phosphorus."

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