Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: Cruz del Sur Music Imports Some New Heavy Metal Music

Italian heavy metal record label Cruz del Sur Music is rolling out some exciting new albums from Vestal Claret, Battleroar and Darkest Era. Beginning with the U.S. metal occult band Vestal Claret, their music has that classic British heavy metal feel. Their new album "The Cult Of Vestal Claret" was release on May 6th on CD and on vinyl, both with different track listings. The music motors through on the intense feel of "Three And Three Make Six," while "Great Goat God" takes its time with the Sabbath-sounding onslaught. Although their lyrics may be dark and disturbing, their sound is hard to resist on the energetic attack of "Piece Of Meat" and the sixteen minute doom metal masterpiece "Black Priest."

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Also available on May sixth was the latest release from Battleroar, "Blood of Legends." Beginning with the acoustic sounds of "Stormbringer," the band place you in the medieval period, before blasting your eardrums with "The Swords Are Drawn" as you prepare for battle. Their grand sound has brought them fame in their home country of Greece as they look to carry their success to the U.S. with songs like "Poisoned Well" and "The Curse Of Medea." The power drumming of "Chivalry" and the progressive metal feel of "Exile Eternal" is sure to draw a new legion of fans.

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Finally we get the new album from Darkest Era with their Cruz del Sur Music debut "Severance." The album will be released on June 3rd and has the band perfecting their "Celtic Metal" sound. The energetic opener "Sorrow's Boundless Reign" displays a veteran band that is still out to prove their dominance. The shear force of "Songs Of Gods And Men" and "Trapped In The Hourglass" along with the mainstream metal of "Beyond The Grey Veil," should make this the biggest selling album for Darkest Era.

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