Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CD Review: From The Mid-West Comes Indie-Rock Bands Debuting New Exciting Albums

From Joplin, Missouri comes Matthew Feeds The Bears with their latest release "Lipstick And Lemonade." The band's name came from the experience of frontman and former zoo worker Matt Dobson, who's job it was to feed the bears. The songs range in genre from the alternative country stomp of "Grandpa's Cough Medicine" to the grunge of "Abraham." The band shows a darker Sabbath-side to their sound with "If This Was A Cherry Bomb I'd Say Yes, But This Is La Bomba," before closing with the mixed tempos of "Frank Lloyd Wrong."

Matthew Feeds The Bears are currently working on a new album. Please visit their Facebook page at to stay up to date with the band.

From Austin, Texas comes the hard rock band SkyAcre with their full-length debut album "Sacred Ground." The band's raw sound echos that of early grunge mixed with some metal screams as in the opener "Confusion." The alternative simmer of "Puppet Emperors" explodes during the chorus, while the guitars buzz for "Steps On Sacred Ground." The tempo slows momentarily for the slow burn of "Too Alive To Sleep," before speeding things back up for the punk-like aggressions of "Decision Revision." The album closes with the six-minute Foo Fighters-sounding "Stars Are Crashing."

Sky Acre have a handful of live shows around the Austin, TX area. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about this new band, please visit

From Chicago comes the debut album from indie-rockers Sabers entitled "Sic Semper Sabers." The band came together under the leadership of Josh Chicoine (The M's) to give a more developed feel to his song-writing. The eight-song release begins with the mellow-tempo of "Armchair Warriors" before closing with a guitar frenzy. The Sabers have showcase a modern, alternative pop sound with "Remedy" and turn "Puppet" around into a classic-feel Jane's Addiction number. The album closes with the raw garage, punk fury of "Big Fish."

To find out more about the Sabers new album "Sic Semper Sabers," please visit

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