Sunday, May 25, 2014

CD Review: Indie-Rockers Battleme And Cloud Nothings Are Flying High With New Albums

The rock band Battleme found success even before releasing their debut album. The song "Burn This Town" was featured in season 2 of the FX hit show "Sons Of Anarchy." Their cover of Neil Young's "Hey, Hey, My, My" hit the top 20 on the rock singles chart, setting the stage for America's newest indie rock band to take off into the mainstream. While Battlme's debut album received rave reviews, it did very little on the music charts, except for the break-out single "Touch." Now with a brand new album entitled "Future Runs Magnetic," Battleme look to build their success one album at a time. The album's first single "Just Weight" hits a alternative rock groove, while having a heavy guitar feel that really motors the song's energy. The band picks up the pace on the quick rhythm of "I Know," before slowing down for the dream-like appeal of "Nights On A Strand" that builds to the chaotic solo before relaxing once again. The rock anthem "We Are Underground" and the pounding rhythm of "I Am A Lighting Bolt" showcase the strength of this band's music as you get wrapped up in their energy. The album closes with the mainstream rock of "Easy Comes Riding" which feels out of place amongst these other heavy rockers.

Battleme are beginning their two-month tour on June 5 out in Seattle, WA. For a complete list of dates and for more information on the new album, please visit

From Cleveland, OH comes the indie-rock band Cloud Nothings with their forth album "Here And Nowhere Else." It was released on April 1st through Carpark Records and showcases the band's raw garage rock sound. Beginning with the punk-like fury of "Now Here In" and continuing with the aggressive attack of "Quieter Today," their music is very contagious. Their sound works so well away from the mainstream radio as "Just See Fear" blows you away with it sheer force of energy. The band work their way through the seven-minute tempo changes of "Pattern Walks" as it sounds, at times, as if they are destroying their instruments. The album finishes up with the most radio-friendly song on the album "I'm Not Part Of Me," which sounds like early Clash.

To find out more about this underground punk band, please visit

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