Sunday, May 18, 2014

CD Review: New Creative Independent Releases From Moonjune Records

Moonjune Records label has a trio of new releases that you need to check out. First is the self-titled debut album from The Sours. This New York based band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Sarah Schrift, whose also moonlights as an artist who's work has been shown at international art galleries. The eleven-song acoustic album begins with the laid back vibe of "Everwas" and the Joni Mitchell-type storytelling of "Gnt." The Sours swing on the groove "Seawitch" and find the perfect setting for the story of "Angie." The album closes with the two-minute accapella delivery of "Egret."

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Next we get the latest release from jazz/rock fusion band Tohpati entitled "Tribal Dance." It is the trio's second album together and the music on this new album sounds as if they've been together for over ten years. Tohpati is one of the most well-known jazz guitarist in Indonesia, but he lets his progressive rock side show through on this latest release. The eight-song album begins with the experimental breaks of "Rahwana" as lead guitarist Tohpati opens up and lets his talents fly amongst a progressive jazz rhythm. The music gets a little more rock oriented with the "Spirit Of Java," before exploding on "Tribal Dance." The two-minute calmness of "Savana" sets the stage for the aggressive instrumental rock of "Supernatural," before closing with the space rock of "Midnight Rain."

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Lastly we get the new release from Copernicus, "Immediate Eternity 2." It features the final recordings of bassist Freddy Auz as he sadly passed away following the recording of this album. This album is a re-recorded version of the band's 2001 album "Immediate Eternity." Beginning with the spoken words of "Beautiful Humanity," the band begin to take flight during this independent art rock masterpiece. The music on this album was created and recorded spontaneously (according to the album notes) as the music supports Copernicus' vocals perfectly in "Absolute Truth Is Possible." While many of the songs are philosophical interpretations, "Dust" is a hard-hitting, modern metal music at it's experimental best. The smooth jazz background of "The Carrot," allows you to get into the scientific reciting of Copernicus. The eleven-minute song "The Stick" allows the band to expand and explore their sound as the vocals are passionate and reckless at the same time. The album closes with the erratic feel of "Viva The New!" as you helplessly follow along.

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