Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: New Must Hear Independent Music From Across The U.S.

There are loads of independent music acts hitting the airwaves this year. Hear are some that you need to check out. First up, from Austin, TX comes the trio 3D Friends with their "Summer Break EP." Lead singer/songwriter Dan C. Wright began getting noticed back in 2010 when one of his songs was selected by MTV as the theme to their show "Skin." Since then, his music has been featured on 14 different shows on MTV as well as shows on NBC, Bravo and CMT. In 2011, he teamed up with two of his best friends to create 3D Friends. The new 5-song EP hits the bullseye for the radio-friendly pop market with the dance beats of "All Right" and the uptempo, modern rock of "Dark Land." Their most interesting song is "Out Of Your Way" as the music just simmers without the need to be in your face. To find out more about 3D Friends, please visit

Next, from New York City comes the funk/rock of The Cosmonauts with their latest release "Take Me To Your Leader." Their music has a smooth seventies vibe to is as in the song "Tar & Feather," while the mellow "Space & Time" builds into a Prince-like funk. The highlights of the album are smack dab in the middle as you groove to the Jamaican island feel of "Reggae Is Vile" and get your lounge coat on for "Bossa Nova." The album closes with the out-of place country rock of "Sweet Juanita" and their return to the seventies funk of "Mr. Elephant Man." To find out more from The Cosmonauts, please visit

From San Francisco, CA comes the progressive, space rock of the latest release from Impuritan entitled "Make It Look Like Nothing Happened." The album (and the band) warm up with the two-and-a-half minute exploration of "Monster Acolyte." The band wastes no time experimenting with different sounds (think early Pink Floyd) on "Wax/Wane" and rhythms of "Show Us Your Hidden Dagger." One of the few songs with lyrics is "Sun Goblins," which has a pyschedelic, mind-expanding tone as you try and follow along. The album finishes with the six minute journey of "Primeval Circles" and the feedback fueled "The Only Way Out." To find out more about Impuritan, please visit

Last, but not least, we have the latest EP from pop singer Nick Deutsch entitled "Crazy Ride." Nick certainly has his finger on the pop pulse as his song "Green Light" captures the youthfulness of today's digital music listeners. His "made for radio" hit comes in the form of a duet with American Idol finalist Marissa Pontecorvo on "The Static," but the highlight of the album is the slow build-up of "Crazy Ride." To find out more about Nick Deutch, please visit

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