Thursday, May 15, 2014

CD Review: New Underground Metal Music From Around The World

First from the Ukraine comes the symphonic doom metal band Narrow House with their latest album "Thanathonaut." It will be released on May 19th through Solitude Productions and it is the band's full-length debut album. The atmosphere of "Crossroads" builds with intensity as the symphonic beginning is overtaken by the chants of "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" and the doom metal thumping of "Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility." The band takes a break from their aggressive metal sound for the gentler feel of "A Sad Scream Of Silver," before heading over to close of the album with the thrash guitar of "The Last Retreat."

Narrowhouse are looking to head out on the road following the release of their new album "Thanathonaut. To find out more, please visit

Next comes Swedish hardcore metal band Art Far Away, who are finally ready to release their debut album “Verisimilitude & The Second Estate." The album was written and recorded back in 2010, but their record company went bankrupt before the album could be released.  After failed attempts to retrieve the finished album, Art Far Away started over, writing and recording new material over the course of the last three years. Now the fruits of their labor will be able to be heard as they look to become one of the premier underground death metal bands in Europe. The music comes right at you without pulling any punches as you are swept away by the shear force of "Cancer" and "Obfucation." They bring together their voices for the harmony of "The King," before blowing you back in your seat with the machine gun blast of "Sunday" and the screams of "White Man's Burden." They tap into a more mainstream metal sound with "The Man Who Wasn't There," before closing with the extreme screams of "Invite Me In" and the eerie death metal "Your Back Is Gently Breaking."

To find out more about the new independent metal band, please visit their Facebook page at

From Italy comes the full-length debut album from progressive/fantasy metal Holy Shire entitled "Midgard." The eight-member band showcases is duel female lead vocal and flute player to give their music a more mystical sound. The band began gaining attention with their video for the traditional song "Greensleeves" ( and has gathered over 2,000 views in less than a month with their latest single "Winter Is Coming." The video pays tribute to "Game Of Thrones" as the music mixes Evanescence-type metal with almost operatic-type vocals to create a unique, but powerful sound. They show a more aggressive side to their music with the "Overlord Of Fire," before "Beyond" showcases a DIO-feel to their fantasy songwriting. The album closes with the eight-and-a-half minute title song that feel like it came right from a battle scene in "Lord Of The Rings."

Holy Shire have a couple of live dates lined up in July. Their new album was released on May 13th. To find out more, please visit

Last, but not least, from Florida comes the hardcore punk attack of Lavola with their new album "This Book Is My Cowardice." The raw, garage band feel  mixes the energy of Green Day with the playfulness of the Dead Milkmen that gives off a youthful feel to their sound. They mix tempos on the erratic "Healing Eye," but show more restraint on the mainstream appeal of Pearl & Rust." The album finishes up with a great burst of power during the classic U.K. punk sounding "7 Steps To Hell" and "Please Excuse The Blood."

To find out more about this new indie-punk/alternative rock band, please visit

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