Monday, June 16, 2014

CD Reivew: Indie-Artists Showcase Their Best Work With New Music

From Chicago comes the debut solo album from The Luck of Eden Hall bassist Mark Lofgren. The new release entitled "The Past Perfect" was written, performed and produced by Lofgren and was released on May 27th. The new twelve-song album must feel exciting to Lofgren, after being a part of the success of The Luck of Eden Hall for over twenty years. The album begins with the smooth modern rock of "Roosevelt" as Lofgren establishes himself as one of the premier indie-rock voices of Chicago's underground music scene. His gentle vocals on "A Life Electric" puts you at ease, before letting  in some of the influences of his old band on the sixties folk vibe of "Flying Bird." He receives some help on the guitar from Curvey for the dreamlike acoustics of "One London Ontario Night" and also on the drums for the post-punk energy of "A Pocket Full Of Bliss." The album wraps up with experimental, spaciness of "Undertow." To find out more about Mark Lofgren and his new album "The Past Perfect," please visit
The latest album from indie-rocker A Bad Think arrives this week through Windmark/The Orchard label. The new release entitled "Sleep" is the work of sole member Michael Marquart. The album was recorded in Marquart's own studio, which he bought from the funk duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back in 2012 and mixed by Jason Elgin (Collective Soul, Creed). The new 12-song release begins with bluesy alternative rock of "Don't Leave Me Out" as Marquart plays a double-roll using two different voices to portray the song's message. He has a softness to his vocals in the dreamy feel of "Photographs," before rocking out to "We All Fall." His voice amongst the gentle acoustics of "On And On" are the perfect backdrop for his lyrics as his voice just floats on top of the music. Marquart plugs in for the electrifying guitar-led "Loyalty," before finishing with the slow, mellow acoustics of "The Salesman." To find out more about A Bad Think and the latest release "Sleep," please visit
From California, comes the sophomore release from Lyonn entitled "Promenade." Lyonn is the stage name of singer/songwriter Tyler Gelrud and his music combines dance beats with alternative acoustics and pop lyrics to create an attractive combination. The new 4-song EP was released back in May and begins with the powerfully moving "Dancing Machine." He has a knack for writing pop choruses that sticks to your memory and keeps you wanting more. His song "Just Say Hello" draws comparison to acoustic pop of Jason Mraz as Lyonn belts out the memorable chorus. The album closes with Lyonn showcasing his gentler side with the ballad "Sing You To Sleep." To find out more about Lyonn and his latest release "Promenade," please visit
Connecticut native J Chance recently released his latest EP entitled "Tell The Dark A Secret" through Obscure Me Records. He brings together the purity of the folk singer/songwriter and swirls it around with psychedelic acoustic rock to create new music that is meant for a different time period. Beginning with "Roll Over," J Chance slowly gets the movement of the song's dreamy sound to relax your senses. The highlight of the album is the song "Go" which is a layered gem with simple, but affective songwriting. To find out more about J Chance's new album "Tell The Dark A Secret," please visit

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