Friday, July 11, 2014

Blu-ray Review: Gun N' Roses Find Their "Appetite" At The Hard Rock In Las Vegas

Since the release of the long, awaited Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy," fans have flocked to see this latest version of the band live. While they can never live up to the legendary original version of the band, the most recent roster may be a better, tighter unit than the original. To prove that fact, Gun N' Roses released their first concert video in more that two decades. They recorded a string of 2012 shows that the band performed at The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas and put together a 3D concert entitled "Appetite For Democracy." The shows celebrated the 25th anniversary of GNR's debut album "Appetite For Destruction" and also the 4th anniversary of "Chinese Democracy." The Blu-ray/DVD was released on July 1st through Universal Music Enterprise.
The nearly three hour concert was filmed with the highest definition cameras and was mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. The video is stunning, feeling as if you are on stage with the band as they try an capture every member in the perfect light. The stars of the show are guitarist DJ Ashba, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and Richard Fortus as they keep the excitement going during each song. Their solos are just amazing to watch, while Axl Rose is the glue, keeping the band on track and giving authenticity to the music. Axl stays hidden under a hat with sunglasses on for most of the show, changing jackets occasionally. The classic original songs like "It's So Easy" and "Rocket Queen" are given new life with this latest version of the band, while newer songs jump out of the speakers like "Cather In The Rye" and "Better." The epic "November Rain" explodes with fireworks as Axl performs on a piano which gets lifted over the audience. The show also incorporates a few unexpected covers from The Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, before the night closes with the energy fueled "Paradise City." A song that has been closing Gun N' Roses concerts for over 25 years. Bonus footage includes interviews with members of the band and a slideshow of concert moments.
"Appetite For Democracy" is a must have for Gun N' Roses fans, especially on Blu-ray as they will enjoy the 3D trickery and just love hearing the songs that they have grown up with for the last 25 years. To find out more about this new release, please visit

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Anonymous said...

As a big fan of Chinese Democracy, this version of the band (and Guns N' Roses in total), I'm psyched to see this!

Though has Axl took off the hat and sunglasses at anytime in the last 4, 5 years? Its getting weird...