Saturday, July 19, 2014

CD Review: Country Artist Katie Garibaldi Continues To Follow Her Heart, While The Morning Birds Remix "Bloom"

From San Francisco, CA comes the seventh album from indie-country star Katie Garibaldi entitled "Follow Your Heart." It is her first album of new material since her 2009 award-winning album "Next Ride Out" and this is also one her most personal albums to date. The new twelve-song release begins with the title song as the slow gallop rhythm fits perfectly with Katie's amazing vocals. She picks up the tempo for the acoustic rocker "Make Them Go Away" and "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" as she is sure to have another award winner as she proudly carries that classic country sound. The power of "Whispers & Rumors" has a darker tone then the rest of the songs, but shows Katie in the brightest light as her performance makes the song unforgettable. The album finishes with the "feel-good" acoustic strumming of "You Saved The Best For Last" as Katie's vocals soar along with the build-up of instruments to create the perfect close to the album. Katie Garibaldi has a string of dates in California over the course of the next couple months. Her new album "Follow Your Heart" is available now. For more information, please visit

It has been a few years since we last heard from the duo of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus, known as The Morning Birds. They return on August 12 with a new EP entitled "Bloom." It features six remixes of the song with different electronic beats and jazzy rhythms that relax more that entice the need for movement. Beginning with "Bloom (Root Mix)," you are swept up by the harmonizing vocals and steady backbeat highlighted by the horns of Dan Gonda. While "Indian Summer Bloom (Dimond Saints Remix)" has a more club beat, it looks to allow your mind to melt your troubles away as you get lost in the music. The most upbeat tempo comes with "Winter Bloom (Invisibles Saves Her Soul Remix)" as the rhythm rings like a heartbeat pumping through your system. The electronics overtake "Summer Bloom (OPTIX Night Breeze Remix)," while the closer "Fall Bloom (Prizm Prime White Light Remix)" has that jazziness that perfectly matches the ambient feel of the vocals. To find out more about The Morning Birds and their new release "Bloom," please visit

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Anonymous said...

Everyone should get this Album! It rocks! Your article describes this singer's quality to perfection. I love all the songs, including 'Whispers and Rumors' and recommend everyone to take a listen. Her vocals are gorgeous, the beat is catchy and the lyrics stick in your head! Kudos to JP for acknowledging this album and artist.