Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CD Review: Magic Man's Debut Album Comes "Before The Waves"

From Boston, MA comes the full-length debut album from electronic rock band Magic Man entitled "Before The Waves." It was released through Columbia Records on July 8th and features four songs from their "You Are Here" EP, which caught the attention of many music critics. The new twelve-song album begins with the dance-club feel of "Texas," then moves on to the funkier beats of the album single "Paris." The band comes together for the up-tempo, exciting sound of "Chicagoland" and the mainstream dance/pop of "Every Day." The single "Out Of Mind" has the rhythm to attract listeners of all ages, while the unforgettable chorus replays in your head. The album closes with the album's latest single, "It All Starts Here," which is the perfect recipe for a radio hit.
Magic Man are current on their U.S. tour which runs to the beginning of August. To find out more about their latest release "Before The Waves," please visit magicmanmusic.com.

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