Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Music That Takes On Every Style

New England newcomers Best Not Broken continue to grow with each new album they release. Their history does not go back too far, but what started out as a cover band, has turned into one of the best sounding, undiscovered pop/rock bands in the Northeast corner of the U.S. The new album entitled "Falling In," showcases the growth within the band and the perfectly matched songwriting duo of founder Eric Jackson and Nik Farr. The new five-song release begins with the mainstream, radio-friendly rock of "I Won't Stop Loving You," which seems specially crafted for today's youth. The chorus of "Breaking My Heart" is hard to resist, while Best Not Broken venture into the dance pop beats of "Tell Me That You Want Me" to show another side to their sound. To find out more about this rising new band, please visit bestnotbroken.com.
From north of the border comes the latest album from Canadian indie-act 36? entitled "Where Do We Go From Here?" It contains 17 songs that explore every avenue of music, which is why the album's title is asking the questions of which direction the band should go. The new release begins with the alternative rock sound and choir-like chorus of "Soul Searching" as 36? bring you into their musical world. Then their sound goes digital with the ambient, electronic beats of "Beauty/Strong," before hitting the nail on the head with the Americana, pop/rock appeal of "The Man At The Door" and the storied folk rock of "Ms Brown." 36? takes a page out of the current Black Keys catalog with "The Love Is In Your Head" as they experiment with feedback and synthesizers. The album closes with the band's mini-music opera "Saturdayafternoon/Thedevenish: Movement: 1-3," which definitely asks the question, "Where Do We Go From Here?" To find out more about 36?, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/yourfavoritebandever.
Last, but not least we get a sneak peak at the latest release from Earth & The Next Society. This latest four-song EP entitled "100th Monkey" gives us a glimpse into what the band have been working on since their 2011 "Live Earth" breakthrough album. The rock/soul outfit Earth & The Next Society are bringing back the sounds of the seventies with the R&B flavored "Cheap Hustle" and then fast-forwarding to the nineties with the jammy-feel of "Sedona." The mini-EP closes with the soul sounds of the "Goddess Of Light" as singer Michael Shields allows his vocals to soar amongst this gentle balladry backdrop. To find out more about Earth & The Next Society, please visit earthsnextmusic.com.

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