Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Concert Review: Katy Perry Brings Prismatic World Tour To Mohegan Sun

There are music concerts and then there music shows and last Monday night's appearance by Katy Perry at the Mohegan Sun Arena was definitely a show for all ages. As the opening act Capital Cities were finishing their energetic half-hour set, Katy Perry fans, both young and old, filed into their seats to see one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Chants of "KA-TY, KA-TY, KA-TY"  and even the wave broke out amongst the mostly young, mostly female audience, until the clock hit 9:20pm and the lights went out.

The giant triangle shaped stage was overtaken by glowing tribal figures as a large prism opened up to reveal the night's star, Katy Perry. The beats were ringing through the speakers during the opener "Roar," while Katy lead her dancers through choreographed moves. The night was focused more on the performances than the music, except for a three-song acoustic set when Katy interacted with the audience.

The amazing stage was filled with trap doors which Katy would use to escape to be able to change into one of her eight different outfits. Screams erupted when Katy appeared on stage on the back of a large Egyptian horse to perform her biggest single "Dark Horse" from the latest album "Prism." High-flying acrobatics left the audience in awe during the performance "E.T." While most of the songs stayed true to their known studio versions, Katy did mix things up, adding a hard rock vibe to "I Kissed A Girl," and jazzing-up the song "Hot N Cold." One of the most obscure outfits was her pink sequenced cat outfit that she paraded around in during "International Smile." The quiet, mini-acoustic set found Katy Perry to become the most accessible to the audience, talking about the songs "By The Grace Of God" and "Unconditionally."

As the eleven o'clock hour approached, Katy had no trouble bringing the audience back to their feet with the pop/dance beats of "This Is How We Do/Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" and "Teenage Dream." As the the final chorus of "California Gurls" rang through the arena, Katy exited through a trap door, to get ready for the big finale.

She returned a short time later in her "birthday suit" and invited a specific audience member, with a birthday in the month of July, to the stage to sing to. Katy's most amazing spectacle came during the song "Birthday" as she soared over the audience attached to a group of large, glowing balloons with confetti covering the crowd. The night closed with Katy appearing on stage, alone in her last dress change to sing her biggest hit single "Fireworks" while they shot out from the stage behind her.

With many of today's female performers using sex to sell their image, Katy Perry is a great role model for the young impressionable girls to inspire to a reach for their dreams. 

Setlist: Roar, Part Of Me, Wide Awake, This Moment/Love Me, Dark Horse, E.T., Legendary Lovers, I Kissed A Girl, Hot N Cold, International Smile, By The Grace Of God, The One That Got Away/Thinking Of You, Unconditionally, Walking On Air, It Takes Two, This Is How We Do/Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, California Gurls
Encore: Birthday, Fireworks

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